4 Important Physics Concepts Everyone Should Know


It may seem like the answer is no, but the truth is, knowing the basics of physics is crucial for understanding the world around us, the world inside us, and the world beyond us. It is the most basic and fundamental science. The knowledge of the basic concepts of physics makes everyday life really easy and comfortable. It can help us in maintaining our health, developing the economy, providing education and almost everything else in our everyday life. It can help you avoid car crashes or get out of a ditch. It can even be the path to a great career in a variety of fields.

4 Important Physics Concepts Everyone Should Know

Understanding what is physics

Physics is the natural science that involves the study of the matter, its behaviour and motion through space and time. This is based on experiments, mathematical analysis and measurements with the goal of finding quantitative physical laws for everything existing in the universe.

Here are 4 important Physics Concepts everyone should know,

  1. Conservation of Energy:
  • The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It may be transferred from one of its forms to the other.
  • Why it is important: Wherever energy is involved, the law of conservation of energy is important. Kitchen appliances transform electrical energy into thermal and mechanical energy. Automobile engines transform chemical energy into thermal and mechanical energy. At power plants, chemical and mechanical energy are transformed into electrical energy. In each of these cases, the law of conservation of energy controls the processes involved.
  1. Relativity:
  • Relativity signifies behavior of all objects in time and space. This theory is used to predict many of the mysterious phenomena such as bending of light under gravity, black holes etc. According to this theory,
  • Light speed remains constant always. No object can move quicker than light. The movement of an object, its speed and time is not an absolute measure but always done in reference to some other object.
  • Why it is important: Einstein’s theory of relativity is E= mc2, this means that mass and energy are equivalent, although there’s a lot of energy in just 1 kilogram of mass; 1 kilogram of mass is equivalent to approximately 90 quadrillion joules of energy.
  1. Conservation of Momentum:
  • The momentum of an object is that object’s mass multiplied by its velocity. The law of conservation of momentum states that the total momentum of all the objects in the universe never changes.
  • Why it is important: This law helps us to understand collisions between objects. The total momentum before a collision equals the total momentum after a collision. We can use this fact to understand how the velocities of objects before a collision relate to velocities after a collision. Conservation of momentum is important in billiards and collisions between subatomic particles.
  1. Thermodynamics:
  • Thermodynamics focuses mainly on how heat transfer is related to various energy changes within a physical system undergoing a thermodynamic process. In other words, it exhibits the relationship between energy, mechanical work and heat. There are four laws for this concept. These laws are established on the basis of using heat as a form of movement.
  • Why it is important: It is essential for sustenance of life, and thermodynamics has long been an essential part of engineering curricula all over the world.

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