What is GLONASS?


You must have encountered this term a lot of times in smartphones and other devices. You are at the right place to know perfect information about this term. Well this is another satellite navigation system which very few people know. Congratulations you are another elite person to know about it now.

GLONASS meaning

Well GLONASS is an acronym of (Russian: Globalnaya Navigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema) or GLobal NAvigation Satellite System. This system is space based satellite navigation system. GLONASS is operated by the Russian Defence Forces. It is like an alternative to the traditional GPS system.


As GPS was initially created by the US Army in 1978 the GLONASS is create mainly used as tracking system for the vehicle and aviation navigation. GLONASS was implemented in 1970s by the Russia military and was mainly used for weather positioning.

In 2007, GLONASS was given permission for unrestricted public use by Putin. In 2010 it did got a complete coverage of Russian Territory. In 2011 with the help of the orbital satellite constellation, GLONASS reached the global coverage.

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Working of GLONASS

This system possesses of 3 major constituents. Firstly the space infrastructure is very important in this system. A group of satellites do work in this system. These satellites are setup in paths around the earth in a particular orbit. The satellites are connected to the ground networks. The speed and accuracy of the satellites are augmented by the ground networks by giving the geodesic information.


Talking about the ground networks, these are spread evenly throughout in the world which gives even system accuracy and availability. So the ground networks are the second constituent of the GLONASS system.

The third constituent is the triangulation and receiving the location of the receiver. Here the triangulation process takes place and the signals are sent by satellites at precise intervals. So any device compatible with GLONASS will use at least 4 satellites to estimate the time, position and velocity. Previously GLONASS used the FDMA ,now a days CDMA channel is used.

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GLONASS uses fewer satellites then GPS for the positioning. Some smartphones already have GLONASS chip in it. You can check the technical specifications of a smartphone and you can check whether a smartphone has GLONASS or not. There is no certainty that GLONASS is better than GPS. But it is used as an alternative.

Let us know if you have any more details to share about GLONASS. We will keep sharing more such valuable information to our readers. Till then stay tuned on Technary.

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