Toshiba Hard Drives launched for Indian Consumers


Toshiba Electronic Components Taiwan Corporation has launched new series of internal hard drives. They have announced 6 series which are internal Hard Drives. Let us have a look at the features of these devices.

Toshiba Hard Drives launched for Indian Consumers

P300 Desktop PC Hard Drive

This device is useful for the Home PC users. the hard drive has storage capacity of 3TB. This model operates at 7200rpm and has built in shock sensors which can detect impact and reduce the vibration caused during the read and write operations. This helps in improving the tracking performance and accuracy.

L200 Laptop PC Hard Drive

This device is useful for a laptop PC. It is having 2TB capacity which is in a 2.5 inch mobile drive. This can be a high capacity upgrade for the users. It is also shock and vibration resistant. It can be used in a notebook computer, gaming systems and also like an external storage. There is a built in shock sensor and ramp loading technology for reliability.

X300 Performance Hard Drive

This device series can offer upto 10TB which is very huge compared to normal use. There is cache allocation optimization which helps to get high level performance during read and write operations in real time. It is available in the 3.5 inch form factor. It has high 7200rpm and increased cache upto 256MB. It is useful for professional applications like animation, graphic design, video editing, etc.

N300 NAS Hard Drive

This series is for personal, home office and small business network users. The devices have upto 10TB capacity and has 7200rpm and has 256MB data buffer in the 10TB model. It can support upto 8 drive bays in a multi-RAID NAS design. The devices have workload rating of upto 180TB/year.

V300 Video Streaming Hard Drive

This series is mainly made for the video streaming purposes. It reduces the energy consumption upto by 25%. It is available in 3TB capacities. It does support STB, DVR and network video recorders.

S300 Surveillance Hard Drives

These provide 24/7 reliability as per the company with high performance with large cache size of upto 256MB. It can perform upto 7200rpm with maximum data transfer speed pf 248MB/s. the device is available in upto 10TB capacities. These surveillance hard drives can handle high workloads of upto 180TB per year and supports the network video recorders.

Toshiba introduces color branding for each category for these hard drive line up. P300 and L200 will be in a red desktop/laptop PC label. the 300 will be in silver performance label and N300 will be i gold NAS level. The S300 will be in green surveillance label and the V300 hard drive series come in blue video streaming label.

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