Stuffcool Case-Mate, Pelican Essential Accessories launched for Apple iPhone 12 series


Have you just purchased your Apple iPhone 12? Well if yes then you need the right accessories for it. The tech accessory brand Stuffcool has launched a series of protective cases and essentials for the Apple iPhone 12 series.Stuffcool Case-Mate, Pelican Essential Accessories launched for Apple iPhone 12 series

Apart from this they have also announced about the MightyGlass 2.5D Screen protectors which are best protection for the iPhone 12 screen. The brand has also announced two 18W power delivery chargers and 3 PD Powerbanks and 2 lightening cables which are a great option for the iPhone 12 buyers.

The brand has launched a series of Cases which include:

  • Stuffcool Ice Case
  • Stuffcool Spike Case
  • Stuffcool Silo Case
  • Case Mate Twinkle Ombre
  • Case-Mate Tough Groove
  • Case-Mate Barely There
  • Case-Mate Tough Clear
  • Case-Mate Tough Clear Plus
  • Case-Mate Rifle Paperl

The Pelican Collection

  • Pelican Rogue
  • Pelican Ranger
  • Stuffcool MightyGlass 2.5

Power Delivery Chargers

  • Stuffcool Celox PD Charger
  • Stuffcool Celox Plus PD Charger

Power Banks

  • Stuffcool PB81PD
  • Stufcool PB2070UF
  • Stuffcool PB1071PD

Data Cables

  • Stuffcool Bolt Cable
  • Stuffcool Finesse Cable

All these are essential for the Apple iPhone 12 users. Though they can make respective choices from the categories mentioned above as per the requirements.

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