Sony launches new SxS Pro+ & SxS-1 Memory Cards series


Sony Corporation which is a well renowned company known for its vast production and distribution of electronics such as TV, Refrigerators, Gaming Consoles, Entertainment, Game and financial services.This company is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products.

Sony launches new SxS Pro+ & SxS-1 Memory Cards

Sony launches new SxS Pro+ & SxS-1 Memory Cards

Sony which is known for its manufacturing and producing the electronic products in the large has recently announced the launch of SxS series memory cards. These include SxS Pro+ and SxS-1. With an advanced interface of PCI Express Generation 2. Also with the latest intelligent controller the SxS series has moved a step ahead in terms of technology. Thee transfer speeds of 3.5 Gbps(440 MB/s) (read) and 2.8 Gbps(350MB/s)(write) the new SxS PRO+ is the trending one when compared to its earlier one which was released in 2012. This new SxS PRO+ gives much accelerated speed and with the transfer speed of 3.5 Gbps(440MB/s) the SxS-1 is also a challenging one.

Sony launches new SxS Pro+ & SxS-1 Memory Cards

While using large date such as intensive 4K video files the transfer speeds can be reduced this problem is overcome by the SxS PRO+ and SxS-1’s high transfer speed and it also offers high speed ingest solution when it is combined with SxS Reader Writer (SBAC-US30.UT100) and PSZ SSD series. SxS PRO+ and SxS-1 are used to prevent dust formation which are dust proof and are most durable whereas SxS series offers data error correction,wear leveling(data-defect minimizing) and data refreshing functions for secure data recording.

The SxS card has a vast storage capability of 128 GB. It is very useful during on location professional shoots. The recording capacity can go upto 240 minutes of MPEG. It can be done at 422 30p (50Mbps) or 20 minutes of XAVC with 4K resolution at 60p (600Mbps) footage. Starting from February next year SBS-32G1A SYM and SBS-64G1A SYM cards will be made available in the market for 22,000 INR and 36,000 INR respectively whereas SBP-64B SYM (PRO PLUS) and SBP-128B SYM (PRO PLUS) are available in the markets for 51,875 INR and 82,625 INR.

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