SD Card Reader for iPhone & iPad


Need for seamless connectivity and efficient data transfer has become paramount. Oyuiasle’s Trail Game Camera SD Card Viewer stands out as a versatile and reliable solution, especially for iPhone and iPad users. With its dual slot functionality for MicroSD and SD cards, this Photography Memory Card Adapter is a game-changer, offering a plug-and-play experience for users seeking a hassle-free solution for transferring photos and videos.

SD Card Reader for iPhone & iPad

SD Card Reader for iPhone & iPad

Key Features

  1. Two-Way Transfer: The SD Card Reader for iPhone supports bidirectional data transfer, allowing users to seamlessly move data from an SD card to an iPhone or vice versa.
  2. Double Duty Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of memory cards including SD, SDHC, SDXC, MicroSD, MicroSDXC, and MicroSDHC, the iPhone SD Card Adapter ensures versatility for various user needs.
  3. Raw File Support: This SD Card Reader supports standard photo formats such as JPEG and RAW, along with 4K video formats like H.264 and MPEG-4, catering to professional photographers and videographers.
  4. High-Speed Transfer: With fast transfer speeds, this device ensures high-speed syncing for raw photos, 4K videos, and more, providing a quick and efficient data transfer experience.
  5. Plug and Play Convenience: The SD Card Reader does not require third-party apps; it seamlessly integrates with the iOS built-in Files app. Additionally, it supports video playback, adding an extra layer of convenience for users.
  6. Double Slot Design: The double slot design accommodates SD/MicroSD, SDHC/MicroSDHC, and SDXC/MicroSDXC cards from a variety of devices such as Digital Camera, Dash Cam, and Trail Cam.

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How to Read and Transfer on iPhone

For iOS 13 and later: Insert the SD card into the slot, open the ‘Files’ app (iOS built-in app), and select ‘NoName’ (or Untitled, reflecting the memory card’s name). Choose your files from the SD card and move them onto your iPad or iPhone as needed.

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For iOS 9.2 and later: Insert the SD card, go to the Photos app, and click on ‘imports.’ From there, select the photos you want to import, providing a straightforward process for users with older iOS versions.


In conclusion, Oyuiasle’s SD Card Reader for iPhone iPad proves to be an indispensable tool for individuals seeking a reliable and user-friendly solution for their data transfer needs. With its dual slot design, support for various memory card formats, and seamless compatibility with iOS devices, this SD Card Reader stands out as a versatile and efficient accessory. Whether you are a photographer, videographer, or simply a tech-savvy individual, Oyuiasle’s SD Card Reader is sure to enhance your iPhone and iPad experience. Say goodbye to cumbersome data transfer processes and embrace the convenience of Oyuiasle’s Trail Game Camera SD Card Viewer.

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