Portronics Pro BT 2 speaker launched for Rs.3,999


Portronics, an innovator of new portable products in the market has accomplished yet another task by launching the better and updated version of the famed Pure sound Bluetooth series named Pure Sound Pro BT 2. This device can play the songs you love the most from anywhere, be it from your tablet or you cellphone.

Portronics Pro BT 2 speaker

Portronics Pro BT 2 speaker

If you are a music lover, then you surely have to hear it on Pro BT 2 out in full volume and extremely clear and loud. The gadget is durable, easy to use and very portable. The Pro BT 2 speaker aids Bluetooth and the range it has is approx 30 feet, listening to music without wires has never been this pleasurable. Voice prompts helps talk you through pairing the Bluetooth, making it very easy. The speaker can recall all the devices you used recently making reconnecting easier.

The device consists of two radiators that aid full-spectrum audio and exceptional clarity along with two strong drives of 5W. The bass output that the device has is unbeatable and is uncommon in other mobile speakers. 7 hours of playtime are given to you by the Pro BT 2. It also has a built-in 2000 mAh Li-ion battery, so a relaxed and long play session is provided when the charge is full without the need to stop it and recharge it.

You just have to insert the 2.0 USB drive which has the music and the speaker is all bang on to play it. Just put your favourite songs on a list in the memory card and you can just insert it in the Pro BT 2. You can gift it to your loved ones and they will definitely love it. The Pro BT 2 connect to FM which is an additional feature making it a wholesome Sound System that can be connected to all devices in all ways. It also has an internal antenna for FM and also comes bundled with an integrated 3.5mm Aux for attaching it with Mobiles, Mp3/Mp4 and Tablets. There is also a Power on the speaker (includes Micro SD Card), make use of the USB cable to attach the speaker to your PC.

Make use of the Mode switch to change to the Card reader mode and the speaker will shift to that mode (cannot be used for USB). The music gets transferred to your PC.  You can connect the speaker to your PC after power on through the USB cable. Mode switch will shift the speaker to the USB SOUND CARD MODE, which will turn it into a computer speaker. The initial time you use this feature, the speaker will automatically be identified by the speaker and a drive for it will be installed. Also, it comes with a remote control, which makes operation easier.

Its impedance is 4Ω. Output is 5W *2. Input Voltage is DC 9V. It consists of a AUX-IN Jack of 3.5mm. It is priced at Rs3, 999.

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