OPPO R5 launched in Indian market at Rs. 29,990


A dominant global technology brand OPPO India, which has a an existence in Europe, Asia and North America has officially declared that OPPO R5 will be launched in the India market and will be priced at Rs.29, 990. The phone measures 4.85 mm in width and it weighs around 155g.

OPPO R5 launched in Indian market

OPPO R5 launched in Indian market

The technology used in the phone is great with an octa-core Qualcomm MSM8939 and also 4G is enabled on the phone. The phone comprises a 5.2-inch AMOLED screen that gives you greatest brightness and color rendition, the least ratio of reflection and the highest setting of ambient light contrast ratio available.

You can pre-book your phone from the next year’s first day that is, from 1st January, 2015.  The OPPO R5 is the world’s foremost Smartphone that makes use of the phase-changing material that keeps the phone at a sustained cool temperature all this with the functionality that is absolutely great. The technology “Cool Element” that was patented for R5 dissipates heat and also keeps the octa-core CPU safe which aids in increasing the life of the phone.

OPPO R5 launched in Indian market

The phone also has a rear camera of 13MP. With the newest PI 2.0 Plus Flash Shot technology, that helps you to click a picture with an undetectable focus time. The greatest focus time is of 0.18 seconds and a high definition picture of 50MP is delivered to you.

The steel used to make the phone is first-grade and a elegant micro-arc makes the phone absolutely strong and smooth. You can fit the phone like a glove in your hand. Additionally, the phone is absolutely user-friendly and the phone also provides you with OPPO’s VOOC mini rapid charging system, where a battery life of 75% is provided in 30 minutes and if you recharge for 5 minutes you can make a 2-hour call.

If the phone fulfils all your demands you can buy it for R.29, 990.

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