iStabilizer TabArm announced – Friction Articulating arm for iPads


iStabilizer is a leading company that produces weight-less and compact tripods, mount, dollies, steady-cams and remotes for tablets, camera and Smartphone, iStabilizer has created a Friction Articulation arm for iPads with versatile purposes to us it for. It was an idea that was inspired by the MovieStudio where such TabArms were used to view the image through tabs instead of lens and also to adjust the angle with which the tab can be viewed.

iStabilizer TabArm

iStabilizer TabArm announced

The iStabilizer TabArm can be attached to almost anywhere such as desk, table, kitchen, bedroom, tripod, car, or anywhere in your home or office. This special feature of the TabArm allows the user to view your tablets, iPad, iMini, in any comfortable angle with hands-free application in a way that you never imagined could be a reality.

The main feature of this TabArm is that it’s made of a compact 11’ stainless steel friction. It’s compatible with 7’’ to 10’’ tablets, iPads, iMini, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Kindle and other tablets. It includes ¼’-20” and Shoe moulds and assembles in seconds without the need for any tools to fix or attach them.

iStabilizer TabArm

It’s single point locking mechanism and the ability to expand itself to fit any tablets expect that larger tablets like iPads or up, makes this product highly user friendly. The maximum weight load that it can hold is 8.8lbs, while the maximum length it can expand is upto 8.25” (21cms) tall.

Not just its features, but it’s multi-versatile usage options makes it even more interesting. Here are a few examples of iStabilizer TabArm in action.

A videographer or photographer can take the videos and photos of an event respectively. A teleprompter can use it for his/her speeches or presentation. It can also be used to make video calls and watch movies in a car. An artist or designer can use it to draw/sketch at a more comfortable angle.

iStabilizer TabArm

It can also be used as an assistive technology for a differently-able person. It’s highly useful for doctors during an operation; a musician to view lyrics/notes. While in homes it can be used in kitchen to view recipes while cooking on the side.

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The above are just a few examples as how this product can be put to use. The rest be all left to your imagination and creativity as how else you could put this product to use, many would have by now decided to buy iStabilizer TabArms and for those who are still inductive, here is the lucrative offer. IStabilizer TabArms is priced at $99.95 which includes a 11” stainless steel Articulating Arm, tabMount, Clamp, and Hot Shoe Adapter. Grab one, before anyone else does.

This article is written by : Anuradha Sivaraman

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