How to Use USB on MacBook Air


The MacBook Air is a popular choice among professionals and students due to its sleek design and portability. However, one of the limitations of the MacBook Air is its limited number of USB ports. This can be a hindrance when you need to connect multiple USB devices simultaneously, such as a mouse, keyboard, USB flash drive, or external hard drive.

How to Use USB on MacBook Air

How to Use USB on MacBook Air

Fortunately, with the UGREEN USB C Hub, you can easily expand the number of USB ports on your MacBook Air and enhance your productivity. In this article, we will guide you on how to use the UGREEN USB C Hub with your MacBook Air effectively.

The UGREEN USB C Hub is a compact and versatile device that offers four additional USB 3.0 ports for your MacBook Air. Its sleek design and space grey color perfectly complement the aesthetics of the MacBook Air. Moreover, it features a USB Type C interface, ensuring seamless compatibility with your MacBook Air’s USB-C port. Additionally, the USB 3.0 interface provides high-speed data transfers of up to 5Gbps, which is ten times faster than USB 2.0.

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To start using the UGREEN USB C Hub with your MacBook Air, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Connect the UGREEN USB C Hub to your MacBook Air Start by inserting the USB Type C connector of the UGREEN USB C Hub into the USB-C port of your MacBook Air. The hub should fit securely into the port, and you may hear a click to confirm the connection.

Step 2: Connect your USB devices to the hub Once the UGREEN USB C Hub is connected to your MacBook Air, you can proceed to connect your USB devices to the hub’s four USB 3.0 ports. You can connect a variety of devices, including USB flash drives, wireless or wired mouse, keyboards, and even external hard drives. The hub’s built-in OTG function chip ensures seamless connectivity with your USB peripherals.

Step 3: Enjoy high-speed data transfers With the UGREEN USB C Hub connected, you can now enjoy high-speed data transfers between your MacBook Air and connected USB devices. Whether you’re transferring large files or streaming HD movies, the USB 3.0 interface guarantees fast and efficient data transfers.

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Step 4: Ensure stable and secure data transmission Inside the UGREEN USB C Hub, an advanced VL160 chipset is present to ensure stable and secure data transmission. This chipset provides over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit protection, ensuring the safety of your connected devices. You can use the hub with peace of mind, knowing that it won’t cause any harm to your MacBook Air or the connected USB devices.

Step 5: Take advantage of portability and convenience The UGREEN USB C Hub is designed with portability and convenience in mind. It features a slim and lightweight design, making it easy to carry in a backpack or computer bag without adding any extra burden. The included 15cm length cable provides flexibility in connecting the hub to your MacBook Air. Additionally, the hub is plug-and-play, so you can start using it immediately without the need for any drivers or software installation.

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Step 6: Compatible with various devices The UGREEN USB C Hub offers universal compatibility, allowing you to use it with a wide range of devices. In addition to MacBook Air, it is compatible with MacBook Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, Surface Book, XPS laptops, Galaxy smartphones, and other USB-C/Thunderbolt devices. This versatility makes the UGREEN USB C Hub a valuable accessory that can be used across multiple devices, enhancing your productivity and connectivity.

In conclusion, the UGREEN USB C Hub is an excellent solution and solves the problem of using USB in a macbook.

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