Goqii Vital Review – Smart Health and Fitness Tracker


Having a fitness band or an activity tracker is essential for knowing your fitness activity. Well what if there is a health and fitness activity tracker which can check your Blood Pressure too? Welcome to the world of Goqii where in its an ecosystem of tracking your health activity using the smart fitness band.

Goqii Vital Review - Smart Health and Fitness Tracker

We have extensively used the device for a long time and certainly has helped to track my fitness activity and my health. Well there were days where you had a normal analog watch on hand. Then came digital wrist watches and now smart watches. This does not only tell you time and date but much more. We will share more about this device in the detail review below.

Goqii Vital Review


Well lets start talking about the tracker. When you look at the tracker it does look appealing and there will be many people asking you what you are wearing. It has an OLED color display which shows Time, Date, Battery level and also your Goal level in the Home Screen.

You can easily check it by tapping on the touch button below the display twice. Also you can activate the band by the gesture of twisting your hand to watch the time. You can select it from the settings.

Goqii Vital Review - Smart Health and Fitness Tracker

The band is simple to wear. It fits easily on the wrist and has various slots which is beneficial for broad as well as narrow wrists. Overall comfortable to wear. It is water resistant and I had once kept it on wrist during light rains when I was running.

Not a problem in functionality. For charging the device you have to untie the band from your wrist. Then remove band from the main core from the bottom side of the screen. Its like USB and you can charge it by connecting to an adapter or to any USB slot, like of your laptop/PC or even powerbank.

Goqii Vital Review - Smart Health and Fitness Tracker


We have used this activity tracker extensively for a long period of time. We got to know about all the aspects of the device and the ecosystem provided by the brand to the users. I will be talking about the features of this device and its performance.

You can swipe the screens using your finger on the screen. Its a touch screen once its activated you can swipe UP to see different screens. So you when you swipe up once it shows “Tract Exercise”.

Once you select it, there are options for tracking various activities like Running, Workout and cycling. In Running when you start the tracker, it starts tracking and shows how much calories you burnt and how many steps you completed.

In second swipe you can check your Blood Pressure. So you can just select it and it will start its test for checking the BP. This is the best feature in this device as it can check your Blood Pressure with ease.

Within few seconds it shows your Blood Pressure scores. I must say this is pretty accurate. I had visited the clinic and checked my blood pressure with their equipment and the score almost matched with that of the device.

Goqii Vital Review - Smart Health and Fitness Tracker

When you swipe one more time you can see the Heart Rate Screen. Here it calculates your heart rate and you can see it real time on the screen. This is just amazing feature for sure. In the last menu screen you can see the step counter.

Its pretty accurate and you can surely rely on it. In default mode, its set to a goal of 7000 steps in a day. When you tap on it, it shows how much time you have walked, and the amount of kms you have walked and also how much calories you have burnt.

Goqii Vital Review - Smart Health and Fitness Tracker Goqii Vital Review - Smart Health and Fitness Tracker

This is the basic and important task of this tracker which it does prominently. Also now for tracking fitness, the device can be connected to your smartphone using bluetooth. For this you need to install the Goqii app.

Goqii Vital Review - Smart Health and Fitness TrackerGoqii Vital Review - Smart Health and Fitness Tracker

There you can not only track all your progress but do a lot of other things. You can note down your daily routine of fitness. You can see your progress. There is also an active community of the Goqii users which you can be a part off.

Goqii Vital Review - Smart Health and Fitness Tracker Goqii Vital Review - Smart Health and Fitness Tracker

This will help you in achieving your goals together. There is also a store for the Goqii users. With paid membership, you can opt for a coach which motivates and guides you to achieve your health and fitness goals


With the device you get free 3 months of coaching card. You can activate it once you download and install the app in your smartphone. A User Manual and the device itself. Warranty of 1 Year is provided for the device.


As mentioned above in design, it has an in-built rechargeable battery and it can be connected to a USB port. The device charges quickly in 40 mins(using adapter) and can be used for a prolong use of around 5 days.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a health activity tracker on the go then this device must be your choice. It not only helps you in reminding of your goals, but also helps in knowing your Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and also tracking your exercises. If you are looking forward to become fit and healthy and need a virtual coach to assist then device should be yours.

Diabetes patients, heart patients must surely get this device as they can know their Blood Pressure with ease. Must buy device for joining an active community of fitness enthusiasts. Impressed with the device for sure. Don’t wait for thinking about your fitness. It will make you walk or run to achieve your daily goal. Need to get up and start walking and start tracking your fitness and health success.

Price: INR 3499 (3 months coaching Free)

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