Exciting world of Driverless cars: For or Against?


Technology changes drastically and billions of dollars are spent on research to find out what will work best in the future. Yes, the future technology is what all tech giants are looking forward to and tech enthusiasts like you and me are observing and analyzing what is coming up next in the tech industry.

Some of the recent tech advancements are VR Technology, Robots & automation, IoT, drones and driverless cars. These technologies are fascinating and we are going to be overwhelmed with the solutions to the problems these will bring into our lives. Upcoming technology is interesting and we are excited to see what is in store for us.

There have been many great inventions and talking about future, the driverless cars are one of the favourite discussions, which I would like to start with my opinion. In my recent Dubai tour, I saw driverless Metro trains running on time. I was amazed by this idea of driverless commutation. It really felt cool to ride in a public transport without any driver, though in metro rails it’s a bit safer as everything can be computerized. But what about driverless car ride on roads?

 Exciting world of Driverless cars: For or Against?

Well just imagine you sitting in a driverless car and just giving voice command to it and telling your desired location. The car does the rest! You just have to relax and enjoy your ride and the car will take you safely to the destination. This concept really seems to be very interesting and is surely ahead of time. There are tech giants working on driverless cars like Tesla and Google.

Some interesting facts about driverless cars:

  1. Google`s Self Driving car has no steering wheel, no pedals.
  2. These cars are going to be electric
  3. Driverless cars will have a range of 100 miles
  4. These will have cloud based communication
  5. Hyper Accurate Mapping

Recently, a Tesla Model S Car met with an accident. The car was set to auto pilot mode. The car dashed on to a white colored trailer. As per the research, the color of the trailer and bright white sunlight were identical for the camera. As the camera of the car was solely responsible for the calibration of obstruction, many people thought that the auto pilot mode of this car is not 100% safe yet and the driver still needs to keep an eye on the road.

As per a survey, 1.25 million deaths occur every year in road accidents mostly caused because of human error. With driverless cars this number can be tremendously reduced if the car is 100% safe of accidents where in the research is still going on. The Google`s self-driving car project seems to have made a great prototype. Unlike the Tesla model, there are many sensors in this car, which searches for obstacles in a particular radius.

I like the idea of driverless cars as this will surely help us save a lot of valuable time and in that time we can do our own work in the car. Also, these driverless cars will be better in their execution phase in coming years. However, the cost aspect will be a concern in the coming days for these cars. But with mass production, these will be affordable indeed.

Wrapping Up

We might be talking ahead of time, but the research and prototype of driverless cars is going on in full swing by tech giant Google. We hope that more such cars come on the road in the future. Let us know your thoughts about the existence of driverless cars in the comments below. Also you may share your interesting thoughts about the future technologies.

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