Element14 Molex USB 3.0 launched in Asia-Pacific


The company element14 has expanded the range of USB 3.0. So the Type A connectors from Molex are one of the largest interconnect solutions in the world as per the element14. There is a range of SuperSpeed Type A connectors and also the Molex portfolio is over 9000 products.

Element14 Molex USB 3.0

Element14 Molex USB 3.0 Features

All these Molex USB 3.0 connectors which has high durability and class standards. This includes the 5,000 mating cycles. The devices are halogen free. They also support the IR reflow temperatures which are upto 255 degree Celsius.

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There is solder mount compatibility and also come-in onboard style. There are top or reverse mount orientation for better design facility. The head of product and asset management said that they have extensive range of 220,000 connectors.

The USB 3.0 Type A connectors do provide faster data rates of upto 10 times of the theoretical speed of the USB 2.0. We will keep you  updated about such electronic devices. Till then stay tuned on Technary.

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