Element14 adds 1,000 products for full reel electronic production in Asia-Pacific


This company keeps on adding a lot of products to make their portfolio stronger. Over 1,000 hig performance transistors, MOSFETs and diodes. The new range of electronics will be helpful for the modern tape-fed placement units which will ensure the production runs. There are more than 10,000 passives which are available in fill reel.

four new capacitors

Element14 adds 1000 products

There are Fairchild which single P-channel PowerTrench MOSFETs which have low on-stade resistance. The NXP has a range of very fast switching N-channel enhancement mode Field-Effect. Also there are a lot of ON Semiconductor having a range of high voltage switching diodes. The Vishay is a surface mount Schottky rectifier which is designed for the application for low drop and small footprints on PCBs.

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There are NPN general purpose amplifiers and switch from the Fairchild Semiconductor. The NPN general purpose transistors from the NXP. The P-channel MOSFETS from the International rectifier. The N-channel SIPMOS small signal transistor from the Infineon. They also offer a free of charge re-reeling service upon request.

The assembly efficiency have over 52,000 surface mount components. We will keep you informing about the progress of the element14. Till then stay tuned on Technary.

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