What is AMOLED Display ?


You must have heard about this term again and again in specifications of an electronic gadget. We are here at technary to guide you about what actually is the term and share knowledge with the audience. AMOLED is actually an acronym for Active Matrix OLED. So it is actually a hybrid technology which pairs with the active matrix backplane. This is derived from the traditional TFT display with the OLED display.

Because of the active matrix features, the AMOLED displays have better and faster switching response times than the traditionalk OLED displays. The OLED displays fail while displaying the fast moving animations. The AMOLED is a better version than that of the OLED.

What is AMOLED Display ?

AMOLED stands for:

The AMOLED displays are better than OLED displays in power saving too. The AMOLEDs produce light from the individual pixels. Colors look nice on AMOLED panels as they have high saturation. Talking about the power consumption, in the AMOLED display black pixels are like “just off” so they use no power. Which is one of the factor for saving power while using the AMOLED display. So for app developers using the Black color(Pure #000000) often can be used to save critical power of the mobile. They showcase ambient information. The contrast between black and any other color is very high in AMOLED. The AMOLED are very thin and flexible.

AMOLED display

Active matrix is a thin film transistor system. In this system each individual pixel does luminescence as soon as activation is done. In this process the screen is drawn all at once, every time it does refreshes. With the use of the Active Matrix displays, it provides a wider range of viewing angle.

There is a turn down factor in AMOLED. The AMOLED are not good for long run as the IPS LCD. The pixels don`t retain the image quality for long period of time. Thus resulting a loss of brightness over a period of time.


The AMOLEDs are using in portable devices like smartphones and tablets. They are also used in television sets for giving a rich visual appeal to the user. They are used in the transparent, flexible and in unbreakable displays. We hope that you gained a valuable knowledge from this article. Like our facebook page and follow us on twitter to stay updated with latest technology news, reviews and knowledge. Remember knowledge is more valuable than money. Share your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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