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Hello readers. Sorry for delaying this article. I was busy in my exams. Now from this moment I will be regular in giving you some of the valuable softwares and gadgets information which you can make use of. Today I am going to talk about Zen writer with you. (Yes I am talking with you! J)

If you are bored of writing in the Microsoft word or Notepad, and always get distracted from facebook, twitter or any other distractions. If yes then Zen writer is the ultimate solution for your problem. I like the interface of this software.

Zen Writer

What does Zen writer do?

It makes you concentrate on your writing. It is very important that you concentrate and give your 10% while writing anything. This never happened to me until I used this free software. I liked many things about this. So shall I tell you more about it.

If you love hearing to music and write in a pleasant background image (which most of you have never done) then you can do it. You can surely play your favourite music in the background. Not only that you can place a background image of your choice and start writing on it. With saying “on it” I mean that whatever you will write will get blended over it.

This is the best way to do. Now you must be saying that this guy is praising a lot about this stuff. Actually I am speaking from my heart. You will also get in love with this software if you love writing. Basically it will provide you a wonderful ambiance.

For getting good ambience bloggers like me prefer coffee places like Barista, Starbucks or Café Coffee Day. But today there is no need of that for me. I have found a unique way. I will recommend this software to all the bloggers and writers.

Download ZenWriter for Free

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