Wireless Troubleshooting is easy with inSSIDer


You can search easily the nearby wireless networks using the software called as InSSIDer. The best part is that Inssider displays the MAC address of each and every hotspot. This is a very much vital information.

This is one of the essential softwares for all the Wi-Fi users. The wi-fi users can get a lot of information using this splendid software. The best part is that this software is available for free. This software also provides the encryption to your wireless network. The inssider software is very much tangible to your system.


The best thing which any wi-fi user needs is the Security and the inssider provider the security. The signal strength and channel can be be easily shown by this software. One more thing to add about inssider is that it is a very easy to use software. The User Interface of the software is so simple that even a kid can surely use it to the profitability.

The Inssider software is now also available on the Android System. The Android OS supports the Inssider software and makes the wi-fi search very much comfortable and with ease. The main thing is that it does searches the near by wireless networks and removes a very important set of data.


inssider features

It is one of the best troubleshooting tools for Wi-Fi users throughout the world.

The Home version of the inssider does these things:

  • It uses your current wireless card & the connection software
  • It works fine with Microsoft® Windows Vista, 7, and 8 (32 and 64 bit)
  • It tracks the strength of received signals in a measurable dBm over time
  • It is sorted by MAC address, RSSI, Channel, SSID and Time

So it’s a request to all our visitors who are using the Wireless networks i.e. Wi-Fi should surely use this software. All the android users mostly have Wi-Fi in their smartphone so it is welcome to them to use this software.

Download (6.3 Mb) FREE

Other versions

inSSIDer for Office

Google Play

App Store

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