VIRNECT AR Solution 2.0 launched for Remote Work Environment


VIRNECT company known for developing AR solutions for increasing productivity has launched a new solution for various industrial sites. This is the VIRNECT AR Solution 2.0 which is helpful for remote work environment using the AR Technology. Let us have a look at the features of this AR solution 2.0.

VIRNECT AR Solution 2.0 launched for Remote Work Environment

VIRNECT AR Solution 2.0 Features

In this time of pandemic, remote work has become the necessity, though for industrial sites its tough to maintain the work from home scenario. The company VIRNECT has a very unique AR solution 2.0 which will help such industrial sites to work remotely and efficiently.

The company VIRNECT which has extensive expertise in industrial AR and digital twin technology has officially launched AR Solution 2.0. The company helps to solve problems of industrial sites using their 3S (Smartness, Safety, Saving) for their valuable customers.

This latest 2.0 update will facilitate remote working with ease to the industrial sites. This new update will be applied on the company’s products which include:

  1. VIRNECT Remote

This is an AR multi-remote collaboration solution which provides multi-communication system which can be utlizied on smart glass. It has fastest call response time in the industry with AR sharing functions and collaboration board features. The user can receive HD level video quality even in low bandwidth conditions. Remote can used in smartphones, tablets, PC and web browsers.


This product is able to create and distribute AR contents. It has additional features which include animation, interaction, graphs, tables, task lists and responsive documents to AR contents. Users are able to create content for variety of device resolutions.


It is able to visualize field information using AR. It visualizes AR contents and also registered task lists. Users are able to register trouble memos and can also write tasks. Users can now easily place AR contents on various locations using the AR content editing function like Rotate, Move, Zoom in/out.

4. VIRNECT Workstation

It is a useful service for integrated AR management. This is a newly launched product for the VIRNECT solution management. It is able to provide AR content lists, job history management features and also user account settings.

Promotional offers for customers

  • Existing VIRNECT webpage account customers will get 30 day free trial for VIRNECT AR Solution 2.0
  • Users who have purchased 3 product licenses for more than 3 months will get mini Bluetooth keyboard and Realwear Smart Glasses
  • Users who have purchased for more than 6 months will get additional 6 months licence period.
  • Users who have purchased VIRNECT Make will get AR contents which are produced free of cost.

Ha Tae-jin, CEO of VIRNECT said that this new version focuses on making AR solutions easier for customers to use in their workplaces and comes with many additional features.

VIRNECT company has completed more than 100 projects and worked for esteemed clientes like Samsung, LG, SK, KEPCO, etc. They have been rapidly expanding their business with the recently series A investment of 9 billion KRW.

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