UC Browser 3.3 for Windows Phone has file sharing using Wi-Fi


UC Browser is one of the famous browsers in Windows Phone. They have unveiled the latest version of their browser. The browser will have 2 important features which the users can use it to their best.


UC Browser 3.3 for Windows Phone Features:

1. Pin to Speed Dial

UCBrowser Pin to Feature

It will be easy for all the users to Pin their favourite websites on the Speed dial screen of the browser. I liked this feature a lot because you can Pin your favourite websites directly using this feature. I have pinned “Technary.com” to the Speed Dial of the screen without any doubt. Also you can pin any important feature like the “Downloads” folder to the Speed Dial. So you can checkout the Downloads directly by accessing from the speed dial. No need to go inside deep and using this feature. So actually I am happy that UCBrowser has kept in mind about the User Experience a lot.

2. Wi-Fi File Sharing

Wi-Fi Sharing

How many of you have used applications for using the Wi-Fi file sharing? There must be many of them. The reason is quite simple that phone manufacturing companies are not providing this feature. Atleast UCBrowser has taken initiative and used this feature in their latest version of the Browser. You can connect your windows phone with any tablet or PC. So this is the most important feature which I think is important for any user. Thats why it is added in the title! 🙂

3. Geo-Location Sharing

It will become easy for all the users to share their location via facebook and other websites. This feature is very important. So why the need of FourSquare when UCBrowser already has this feature in their new browser. Anyways, this feature is very interesting and I liked it a lot.

4. Site Navigation

This feature will help the users for a useful experience in navigation. There will also be a UCBrowser shortcut which blends with the Windows Phone theme in the homescreen.  There are many other features in UCBrowser.

5. Other Features:

  • Incognito Browsing
  • Text-only Browsing
  • Speed Dial
  • Visit as PC Mode
  • Customized Themes
  • Night Mode
  • Speed Mode
  • Gesture Control
  • Background Downloads

UCBrowser company believes that they are the no.1 browser in Windows Phone Store. I think that you should applaud for this achievement. It is known to be a fastest browser which gives utmost importance to the user experience.

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