Shout App launched by Sprangle – Location Sharing Social App


Silence is Golden, but SHOUTING is fun! Isn’t it? If you wouldn’t accept it, the Shout app released by Sprangle Inc. will make you do so. Sharing is caring and that’s exactly what the app does for us. The app helps content designers to share their content across the globe. Eventually this would mean that the potential customers are being identified with so much of ease. On the other hand, it also helps the customers save their time battling to find the required content.

Shout App launched by Sprangle

Shout App launched by Sprangle

The app’s job is no rocket science for us to get an idea of. The users get to choose the shout radius, be it 25 feet or even 25 miles. The user also gets to add the content relating to which he wants to share the information about. Lastly, the fun part!! He gets to shout it out to the world. Simple, isn’t it??

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The shouts can be personal call outs or localized shouts. The local feed features those shouts within the stipulated shouting distance. Local shouts are very much like our localized messenger services which lets us chat with other users. The good news is that the app is free and is iOS 6 supportive. It also supports the higher versions. The app can be downloaded at iTunes

But your job doesn’t stop with that and you know that quite well. Now that you know where you can grab the app from, do try that and shout us back your feedback!!!

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