Plantronics Embedded Call Control will come in Jabber 10.5 for Windows


Plantronics is one of the renowned and global leader in audio communication for business and consumers. Plantronics  products supports mobile use,unified communications, gaming and music. Plantronics headquartered in santa cruz, california which is a publicly traded company.

Plantronics Embedded Call Control

Plantronics Embedded Call Control

Plantronics  have insitgated a set of new innovations and trends in audio technology which makes people to simply communicate with ease.They  vary from unified communication to bluetooth headsets for gaming solutions and also deliver a unwavering quality for an ideal experience and extra ordinary service. Plantronics has a great set of users like 911 dispatch, air traffic control,various mission critical applications and every company from Fortune 100.

The call control features to be embedded in the Jabber soft phone client will include:

  • Remote call answer/end – Incoming Jabber calls can be answered by simply pressing the call control button on the supported Plantronics headset. Any active Jabber call can be terminated by also pressing the same call control button.
  • Mute/un-mute – Active Jabber calls can be put on mute from the supported Plantronics headset or unmuted by pressing the same mute button. The headset mute state is also synchronized with the mute state on Jabber. In other words, if a call is muted in Jabber it can be un-muted from the headset and vice versa.
  • Hold/Resume – Some Plantronics devices support a Hold/Un-hold feature where a call can be put on hold while the user access a different line on the device. Second (and third, etc.) incoming calls can be accepted while already on an active call by invoking the hold function (or flash when available on a device) and then toggling between held calls.
  • Conference calls – The conference feature of Cisco Jabber are also be supported by Plantronics plugin.  Conference calls can be dropped, muted, un-muted, etc., directly from the headset.

Jabber 10.5  has the following features-

* Personal ringtone

* Hunt group support

* Call pickup support

* Video call quality

* Audio call quality-G.722

* Plantronics call control integration

* Jabra call control integration

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