Microsoft Office for iPad review


Were you a hardcore Windows user? Then you suddenly switched over to iOS devices. There might be a certain change in the things. You might be thinking whether change is good or bad. Most of you will say its good. But are you fully contented with it. The answer might be NO. What is the reason? It is your windows softwares and applications. You are used to it.  Now in iOS you were missing them a lot. It is like a an old girlfriend. You like her buy you cannot be with her.

Microsoft Office for iPad

Microsoft Office for iPad features

This review is actually dedicated to the Microsoft Office running on iOS devices. Even Microsoft might have noticed that they have a certain set of iOS users who still love Microsoft Products. This Office for iPad will give you a complete set of rich tools. These tools are ofcourse for managing and creating documents. Also I liked the sharing features of this software.

I was able to use the tools on touch screen with ease and without any difficulties as such. But, I was slow in doing the tasks. If you are working on the same task on your laptop or PC then it will be done faster. I noticed one thing. This software does not give you an access to user-created templates which are available online. The Microsoft Office for iPad is a must if you are looking something better than on smartphone and a little less than a computer.

Microsoft Office for iPad

Office for iPad is more robust than that of the Office mobile for iPhone. The software tools are very much optimized for the touchscreen interface. There is some drama here. On Office in iPhone there was a single app for the Microsoft Office. But in iPad there are different icons to access Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

I think that the iPad screen is big and hence Microsoft Engineers might have thought that a few more icons will not be a problem for the user. There are free and paid versions of the app. There are limited features in the free version.

You can easily read Excel, Word & PowerPoint documents for free. But for editing them and to create new documents you will have to subscribe for office 365.

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