McAfee Total Protection 2014 review


Antivirus software is the most essential tool for any computer user. It is like a security guard which will keep you protecting your computer from harmful viruses and malwares. Let us know about a software which you can use as your security guard for our computer.


McAfee Total Protection 2014 features

Yes I am talking of none other than the famous McAfee. This is one of the most trusted Antivirus softwares in the world. But befor bragging about it, let us talk about some of its important features.It seems that they know that how much you surf on internet and mostly on social networks. So the safe url sharing is provided with ease for the user. You can also use a URL shortner. Recommended for bloggers.

It protects your system againt hackers and thieves. There is a wireless network protection provided. So don`t worry, your Wi-Fi network is always secure if connected to this software. You will get protection from Phishing too.

You can protect your identity using this antivirus. There is a lot of encrypted storage which you can keep in your system. All password protected. It is like a safe vault for you. This will keep your data safe and secure.

It will provide you e-mal protection. So say bye bye to Spam. They have a very stronger antispam filter. It will protect your family by offering parntal controls. Also it will give you surf reports. That will include the login times of the user. Which is very important. There are improved summary reports with this software.

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You can check the usage report of the internet for your kids. The last but not the least, it protects against viruses and malwares. There is a high speed scanning engine provided by McAfee Total Protection 2014. The Vulnerability scanner will seal any bugs in your OS. There is a realtime Antimalware system, which helps to block any viruses first from attacking and then to remove them.

All types of trojans, spyware and the block threats are handled by the McAfee Total Protection 2014. There is an adaptive Two-way firewall in the software. This will prevent the software from making your OS stealing your personal information.

The most needed now a days, New malicious Ad Protection. This will provide blockage of cybercrime networks and the hidden iframe codes which can harm your system. So what are you waiting for? Buy this most essential software for securing your system. Discount price, Only for $89.99 $44.99
McAfee, Inc

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