Mark Zuckerberg`s wedding Planner using Baggout – Hypothetical Experience


Do you know Mark Zuckerberg? Yes, you recalled it right. He is the Founder and CEO of Facebook. The social network which is used by almost everyone using internet on the planet. We at Technary have been given a great opportunity to be as a wedding planner of a favourite celebrity. So I cannot think other than my role model Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg`s wedding Planner

Mark Zuckerberg`s wedding Planner

Let us start thinking as a wedding planner of the “I am the CEO, bitch” famous proverb maker Mark Zuckerberg. Kindly note that this is just an hypothetical experience and Mark Zuckerberg is already married, but if he had used baggout then things could had been different. Mark likes everything online. So there is no other service like Baggout to be used for this purpose.

Think as if Mark Zuckerberg is in India and he needs a wedding planner. So we at Technary have taken this responsibility. As a techie who likes to go for traditional shopping by visiting the actual retail stores? So even Mark won`t like it. He would like to buy most of the required things for his marriage online. For the same Baggout will help us to do so.

The first thing for which any bride or groom is excited are the apparels. So we will buy apparels from Myntra. Now its time to buy the shoes. So only one portal which we think can be perfect for Mark if he was in India is Jabong. So we have now got apparels and shoes for him. Now we should think of the guests who will come for the wedding.

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Of course if you want a very nice venue for the wedding where in you can also take care of your guests. So we can book hotel from as the venue for the wedding also book a good amount of rooms sufficient for the guests. So now the venue is fixed and there is no worries as a very good hotel will take care of the guests.

Another important aspect of a wedding is food. So we can book the food from KFC as everyone likes the delicious food from KFC. We can order a variety of food online from KFC. So as a wedding planner these were essential. But have we forgotten to arrange the travel of the guests. Yes so by using Yatra we can do the international flight bookings to the selected hotel.

We also have to do the most important jewellery shopping. To ease the process we will use the JewelsKart to get heavy discounts on the selected jewellery. We are now set to go for the wedding. All the needful can be bought online. Yes a complete wedding can be planned with ease online. We have done the same for Mark Zuckerberg using Baggout.

It is unfortunate that Mark is already married. But if he was getting married in India, then we as a wedding planner would do the work in ease for him. Now a days wedding can be planned in a very easy way by booking most of the essential products and services online. We hope that you liked the hypothetical experience. Let us know your comments below.

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