LiveRez creates Google Glass Mobile App for Housekeeping and Maintenance


If daily tasks were automated, bookings were taken care of round the clock, and business can be run from any corner of the world by an app, will there be a better blessing for a vacation rental manager? Well, then that is exactly what LiveRez is delivering.

LiveRez creates Google Glass Mobile App

LiveRez creates Google Glass Mobile App

It has successfully partnered with more than 800 property management companies within an agile span of 6 years.  LiveRez is a fast growing cloud-based software company and created softwares for professional vacation rental managers.  This great software is becoming truly greater as it is culminating its features with that of the Google Glass technology. It predominantly aims at mobile housekeeping and maintenance.

The inaugural Partner Conference which took place last month announced the arrival of this app followed by a demonstration. With the launch of the product, the world would witness a technical wonder right before its eyes, literally!!

Why literally?? It is because it is going to use Google’s smart eyewear project glass. The technique behind is that, the internet connection from the glass is integrated with LiveRez’s cloud based vacation rental management software. The advantage behind this is that, the housekeeping and maintenance teams can complete their work even without using their hands.

This can be done through simple voice commands or even log pictures of issues with glass’ onboard camera. The GPS system of the glass enables this task with a lot of ease. Tracy Lotz, CEO LiveRez remarked that “Internet of Things” has found its way in rental industry.

LiveRez creates Google Glass Mobile App

The CEO, being a 20-year veteran in the field mentioned that the maintenance and housekeeping teams always have their challenges in completing the task. The Guests check-in and check-out and cleaning of the homes with timely inspection always kept the teams busy. Therefore it was felt that, if an app could help them do this, it would mean that it would result in a lot of efficiency.

The app currently in internal testing will further go to field testing when Glass devices are generally available. The Glass is now in open beta, and it has to be appreciated that Google has made this available to public recently. Lotz, suggested that, with the technology becoming mainstream, a non-glass version of the app will be made available by the end of the year.

There is also a recent news wherein, LiveRez ‘s integration with smart home automation leader Point Central will happen. This partnership is evident, that the whole of vacation rental home will become yet another online resource.

Lotz claimed that LiveRez aims to build new technologies that will make the lives of their property manager partners better. It was also said that, LiveRez will be the first company to have made use of the Google Glass technology, thus bringing the vacation rental industry online.

With the advent of these new technologies, it looks like watching a sci-fi movie in real time. But if it’s going to improve our daily lives and ease out our tasks, why not appreciate and beckon it?

Don’t you think this app deserves it???

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