How to use Windows on Mac


Are you a new Mac user who occasionally needs to run Windows OS or its applications? How to use Windows on Mac is a question which arises to all the new Mac users. With Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac, you can seamlessly integrate Windows into your Mac environment without the need to reboot. This powerful desktop virtualization software has been trusted by millions of users for over 15 years, offering a fast, easy, and reliable solution for running Windows on your Mac.

How to use Windows on Mac

How to use Windows on Mac

Run Windows Apps on Your Mac

Parallels Desktop 18 allows you to run more than 200,000 Windows apps on your Mac, including popular programs like Microsoft Office for Windows. Whether you need to use Windows-specific software for work, gaming, or other purposes, Parallels Desktop has you covered. You can install Windows OS on your Intel or Apple M-series Mac computer and enjoy the full functionality of Windows applications without compromising on performance.

Seamless Integration and File Sharing

One of the key advantages of Parallels Desktop is its seamless integration with macOS. The best part is that you can user Windows with macOS right on your Macbook without any need to restart the computer. You can easily share files and folders between Mac and Windows by copying and pasting text or dragging and dropping files. This makes it incredibly convenient to work with both operating systems simultaneously.

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Develop and Test Across Multiple OSs

Parallels Desktop is not just limited to running Windows on your Mac. It also allows you to develop and test applications across multiple operating systems in a virtual machine. Whether you’re a software developer or a tester, you can create virtual machines for various OSs, such as Linux, and easily switch between them. This flexibility and convenience save you the hassle of setting up separate physical machines for each operating system.

Fast and Powerful Performance

Parallels Desktop is designed to provide fast and powerful performance, ensuring that your Windows applications run effortlessly without slowing down your Mac. Whether you’re using resource-intensive programs like Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, SQL Server, or even graphic-intensive games and CAD programs, Parallels Desktop handles them with ease. You can enjoy the best of both worlds without any compromises.

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Easy Set-Up and Intuitive Interface

Setting up Parallels Desktop is a breeze. The software automatically detects what you need to get started, allowing you to be up and running within minutes. If you don’t have a Windows installation, you can download and install Windows 11 directly from Parallels Desktop. For Intel-based Macs, you can also use your existing Boot Camp installation. Additionally, Parallels Desktop supports migration from a Windows PC or Linux, such as Ubuntu, making it easy to transition to a Mac environment.

Trusted by Millions

Parallels Desktop is trusted by more than 7 million users and has been praised by experts worldwide. Its reliability and performance have made it a go-to solution for running Windows on Mac for over a decade. With regular updates and new features, Parallels Desktop continues to improve and provide the best virtualization experience for Mac users.


If you’re a Mac user who needs to run Windows applications, Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac is the ideal solution for you. It allows you to run more than 200,000 Windows apps on your Mac without the need to reboot. With seamless integration, fast performance, and easy set-up, Parallels Desktop offers a user-friendly experience that allows you to enjoy the best of both macOS and Windows. Trust in the power and reliability of Parallels Desktop and experience the convenience of running Windows on your Mac.

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