Google Android 5.0 Lollipop Review aka Android L Review


The latest version of Android is launched and we are always excited to know about it. The Android 5.0 also known as Android Lollipop or simply Android L is already now available in Gogole Nexus Devices. So we got a Google Nexus 4 from a friend and tested the latest Android OS from Google. It will be soon available to many devices in the coming months. Let us explore the Operating System. This is the biggest android update yet and there are lots of features which might enhance the user experience.

 Google Android 5.0 Lollipop ReviewAndroid L 04 Android L 05 Android L 06 Android L 07

Material Design

We can see that Google has revamped a lot of their apps and given them a fresh design. I guess it was a move to make it look very much aesthetically better in the Android L. This design is going to be spread everywhere in the Google`s Ecosystem. The material design looks very formal. It does not feel bored or dull, but it looks alive for sure.

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There are various animations which the user can enjoy while using the Andorid L. It is completely about transition from one visual state to another. The design seems to be unique for sure. But overall it looks very formal.

User Interface

Google is introducing a new trend for the Android users. The user can see a lot of changes in this user interface. First thing the user will observe are the change in the design of the buttons. I am talking about the Back, Home & Recent Buttons. The design of these buttons is completely changed. For back button here is a triangle which is faced on left and at left side of the home button. The home button is a simple circle. The recent apps is depicted by a square.

If you open a screen then after just touching and swirling your fingers down you can see a curve shadow. It also happens when you do it from bottom to up. The user has to say “OK Google”. Apple users can sense a feature similar to Siri.

Final Verdict

It gives a is very formal look. The unser interface is very simple to use. The new buttons does look different in the beginning then later on they will be a regular for the user.

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