Goibibo adds DIRECT integration with International airlines


Goibibo.com, India’s prime online travel aggregator has declared its latest association with global airlines: Tiger air, Fly Dubai, Air Asia and Air Arabia. All thanks to the direct unification with these airlines, Goibibo.com, globally has beyond 400 airlines and more than 52k routes. The growth rate of Goibibo in international category flight bookings is 110% y-o-y versus the industry average of 8% y-o-y.

Goibibo adds DIRECT integration

Goibibo adds DIRECT integration

In addition to this, the mobile app of Goibibo.com has witnessed traction for international air bookings due to the easiness in navigation and also an uncomplicated user experience. The most favored destinations for international travel bookings for Goibibo.com are the Middle East and South East Asian regions.

Goibibo.com newly launched the ‘Anywhere to Anywhere flight bookings’ element which aids its users to get the prime available fares on all air tickets across international destinations on the site and it is not be restricted to outbound or return flight tickets from just India.

Goibibo adds DIRECT integration

With this facility and the recently-developed partnerships, Goibibo.com advanced in ensuring competitive fares for all the travel needs of users no matter what destination. The alliance with Tiger Air, Air Asia, Fly Dubai and Air Arabia has been operative on the Goibibo site since September 14th 2014.

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The mentioned airlines are some of the best and low-cost airlines in the Middle East and South East and this integration will help the website to increase international bookings in this sector. Thus, these deals will be a boon for the website.

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