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Knowledge shared is knowledge gained. When this knowledge is imparted through a social network, wouldn’t the same be gained in leaps and bounds? Well, that’s exactly what FUNCTION SPACE is up to. It is an online network which aims to enhance even a mundane learning to an interesting one. This network is now available on all android based smart phones. It is quite inspiring to know that the magnificently designed, user friendly learning app acting as a personal science tutor will be available for free.

Function Space

Function Space Android App

The app would direct its users to discussion threads and forums, where you get to teach what you know and learn what you don’t, thus serving as a hub of knowledge transfer. Experts from over 190 countries would be available across the forum. Here, the real time updates and peer discussions would enable the users to quench their thirst for knowledge.

Additionally, there will be a news sections which would enlighten the users about the new scientific developments. Android users can also get hold of a library which the app provides, so that they can go a mile extra towards the topics which they are keen to know more about.

Having realized that Science isn’t an isolated field, Function Space also covers Mathematics, concepts in Physics and Computer Science which are all related to each other. The most intriguing feature of this application is that, it caters to the need of a school student as well as it aims to guide a research scholar, thus proving its versatility.

Users of this app undoubtedly will have access to an ocean of information pertaining to science and allied fields. This only re-iterates the fact that knowledge is the only wealth which one can bestow upon himself, irrespective of his age.

Well, having this app in your smart phone is only going to make you smarter than your phone for sure! So just check that out and let us know how far you agree with us!

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