Disney buys Maker Studios for $500 Million


Disney is on a roll and they are growing on a rapid stage. They know how to use their cash. Buy buying out companies. So now they have taken another bold step. They buy the Maker Studios for a heft amount of $500 Million.

Disney Buys Maker Studio

Disney buys Maker Studios

This Maker Studios is one of the best studios to produce the hit videos on the mega-giant Youtube. Also Disney has properties like the Marvel and Star Wars. So they are dealing with the popular entertainment business. Let us know more about the Maker studios.

The Maker Studios are the Youtube hit factory. They are have popular videos like the Epic Rap Battles of history, PewDiePie and The Getup. The final bill of sell can go upto $950 million. Disney has huge plans to grow this studio under their banner.

Maker studios has monthly 5.5 billion views and have 55,000+ channels. So it is a huge bonus for Disney. So we all are excited to see what does Disney do with such power. Till then keep reading Technary.

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