CONTEC Korean startup is ready to transform space tech


Korean startup CONTEC is getting ready to transform the space technology sector. They are working towards giving holistic solutions which are required for downstream data transmitted by satellites.

CONTEC Korean startup is ready to transform space tech


This space tech company was launched in Korea in 2015 and Luxembourg in 2019 as its subsidiary. These two offices have 58 engineers. This company is a spin off company from KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute). It is offering major services like Satellite Image Processing, Space Ground Station Services and Application Services with whole ground integration solution.

Ground Station Service

This company is using AI-based detection and change detection methods for providing application services and satellite image analysis. They have their own GS (Ground Stations) where they provide Ground Station Service. They are able to service major EO satellites by using their first station in Jeju, Korea site. Also they will be building other stations by the end of this year.

CONTEC Applications/Services

CONTEC is expanding rapidly and has plans to have 12 GSs beyond Korea, including, Chile, Alaska, Europe, South East Asia, Africa and Australia by 2024. Customers can download data from web based customer interface as CONTEC ONE and can easily schedule satellite passes. It is able to enable pass reservation in just a single click. The best part is that customers with secure internet connection are able to use registered CONTEC’s ground stations any part from the globe.

They have another important software known as CONTEC INSIGHT which is a web based SI(Satellite Imagery) application which enables Satellite Imagery to their customers. This application is able to do object detection and change detection by using satellite images. This can be very much useful for monitoring disasters, stopping unlicensed constructions and observe changes in SMART cities.

World’s first ISO certified SMART city in the world, Sejong City, Korea has already signed contract with CONTEC for receiving satellite image application service. If any SMART cities would like to get satellite image application service can easily have contract with CONTEC as its really important to get details of satellite images of the city.

CONTEC CEO Sunghee Lee has over 16 years of experience working with KARI in the launch and satellite operational mission. He got an idea of building GS(Ground Station) in Korea while working at Jeju tracking station for the launch mission of KARI.


CONTEC Funding

This startup has raised $11 million in Series B funding from Atinum Investment as lead investor with 4 other major VC investors in Korea. Industrial Banks of Korea, Korean Development Bank, Intellian Tech and Korean Investment Partners are other major VC investors in the startup. The funding is used in building more Ground Stations and also to develop new technologies like Space to Ground FSO communication.

CONTEC plans to foster a LCT module and FSO Ground Station for future communication technology and conveyance of high information for satellite picture.They are on the verge of becoming end-to-end service provider by providing turn-key solutions for space operators. Company plans to launch their EO satellites to get their own SI (Satellite Image) data and also provide various application services with satellite image data.

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