Comindware Tracker Review


In startups and any business it is very important for setting up proper business processes. There are a lot of problems and difficulties in setting up the right business processes and making them implement is the challenge of the entrepreneurs or the managers. There can be a lack of control of the managers over the business processes. Also the visibility over the processes is very important. There is a solution for this. Comindware Tracker is a solution by Comindware Inc. for the Adaptive Business Process Management. The Workflow automation can be done with this software. So let us start exploring the Comindware Tracker in detail.

Comindware Tracker Review

Comindware Tracker Features with User Experience

This workflow process software provides a real-time control of the business processes. It does includes predictable ones, teams and faster implementation which is very important. Still in many companies traditional BPM(Business Process Management) systems are hard coded and there is a need for the IT professionals to setup them manually.

Faster implementation

This software provides easy implementation and you can deploy the pre-built business process templates. These are useful as you can implement the business processes of IT, Finance, HR, compliance and Policy, etc.

After the installation the user can switch to the Home interface by choosing the Home button which is located at the left upper corner. The user can always have a look at the left bottom side bar which is available to easy access business processes from various business areas. A Menu Tab is found at the left upper corner and then open the tab. The Menu interface which the user can see is for easy One-Click Solution Setup. This window will show the choice of solutions which you want to unpack.

Comindware Tracker Review

The installing only takes about 10 seconds. There are ready to use business process applications which are for each department of the company. So the setup is pretty easy. Also for Incident tracking you can follow this process. Visit the IT Help Desk Workspace and select the Incident Request Process. This will enable the incident tracking.

You can also create a new incident request y choosing it on the left upper corner. In the tab Workflow Viewer you can check the status of this request and the person responsible for it. So these business apps are easy to setup as they have business process templates for important departments in a company.

Easy Process Setup

This software Comidware Tracker has a Graphical Workflow Builder which is capable of creating automated workflow process which gets tasks automatically which are allocated to the right assignees at the right time.

Comindware Tracker Review

The process can be setup with ease following these steps:

  1. Create a Business Application
  2. Setting up fields
  3. Filling up forms
  4. Create a workflow process

What we liked about the process setup is that there is whatsoever no programming involved for the user.

Adaptive to unpredictable cases

There are always unpredictable processes. This software has adaptive BPM which has the capability to automate such unpredictable processes with ease. The software uses Elastic Data Technology for such kind of cases.

In the Workflow scheme the user can easily add or delete steps. It can be done with drag and drop. User can also change the step assignees by just double clicking the step. The transition rules can be changed by the user. So it is fully customizable. Creation of ad-hoc tasks within the user interface can be done by using the Subtasks Tab.

Comindware Tracker Review

Real-time control

Real time visibility and control of whats going on in the business processes can be done with ease. It is done by using lists, dashboards & Automated reporting.

Comindware Tracker Review

Adaptive BPM in MS Outlook

Team collaboration experience and the increase in productivity can be seen using this feature. The user can easily manage the business processes and the teamwork control directly from the Microsoft Outlook.

Final Verdict

This software is a must use software for all the managers who are planning to do their business processes in a very systematic manner. We liked the use and simplicity of the Comindware Tracker.

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