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David Clark Cause the creator & IBM the founding partner of Call for Code are back with a pandemic Global Challenge. This year Call for Code 2020 is focused on solving the biggest problem of the world right now. For our readers who have missed our last year’s take on this challenge, this is a major opportunity for developers and innovators. This global challenge was started in 2018 by David Clark Cause in association with IBM. If you are a developer or an innovator then you must enroll in this global campaign. For tech enthusiasts and tech giants this event gives you a major opportunity to explore this challenge.

Call for Code

This is a global competition where Call for Code asks developers & innovators to create effective, practical and super quality apps based on the IBM services. They have vast services which include Blockchain, AI, IoT, Data, Analytics, Cloud, Mobile, Web and Weather. The largest aim is to solve the most important humanitarian issues to make this world a better place. So teams of Developers, Designers, Business Analysts, Subject Matter Experts are challenged to build solutions to eradicate the impact of climate change and worldwide issues like the COVID-19.

Call For Code 2020

Call For Code 2020 is going to deal with 2 important problems:

  1. Solutions which will help to halt and reverse the impact of climate change.
  2. Solutions to eradicate the impact of global pandemics like the COVID-19.

The challenge took off on 26th February 2020 for the Climate change path which was the only goal of this challenge at that moment. Once the pandemic COVID-19 erupted, a separate track was introduced and was started on 26th March to solve this important global problem. April 27th met the deadline for early COVID-19 submissions. 3 Winning submissions got featured on IBM THINK 2020 on 5th May 2020.

Upcoming Timeline for the Call for code 2020 Global Challenge

15th May 2020 – Top 3 Solutions for COVID-19 deployment begins

31st July 2020 – Last date to enroll for final submissions for both the tracks (COVID-19 & Climate Change) considered for final prize.

October 2020 – Winners of Call for Code 2020 will be announced in an award ceremony.

Why should a developer join and participate in this global Challenge?

Perks & Prizes

Apart from solving such an important humanitarian problem the team will win amazing perks. All the winners will get an invitation for the Call for Code Global Award announcement. They will also get support from the Linux Foundation.

Global Challenge

  • USD $200,000 Grand Prize Winner – Solution Implementation through Code and Response. They will also get an opportunity for mentorship and also investment in the solution
  • USD $25,000 – 1st & 2nd Runner Up
  • USD $10,000 – 3rd and 4th Runner Up

For the University team winner, a Grand Prize of USD 10,000 will be awarded to the team. Also each student team member from the winning team and runner up will get an opportunity to interview for a potential role at IBM. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to participate and try to win this competition. Getting such an interview opportunity in an MNC Company(IBM) is itself more rewarding for the student.

210,000+ developers, problem solvers and data scientists have participated in this challenge in past years. Over 165 nations have been registered for this challenge in the past. The best part is that 8000+ applications have been built in the past 2 years. This is a great number of applications, as these will help in solving the problems of the society.

This Challenge is divided in two important tracks.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Call For Code 2020

Applications to reduce the impacts of this pandemic virus are needed by the applicants. Main aspects of this problem solving include:

Crisis Communication

Efficacy of crisis communication strategy for fighting this pandemic is important. Proper message must be spread across diverse social and economic groups of a nation. Also the application may be made so well that fake news/misinformation about the virus should not be communicated. Solutions built for an efficient crisis communication will be looked forward to.

Solution to this problem are Chatbots which can solve the queries of many people within seconds after putting in relevant data. This can be helpful for the people who want the right contact of health authorities or want the right information about the disease. In this critical situation technology can help fight this pandemic.

Remote Education

This is one of the best forms of learning in this pandemic. Students and people can remotely get educated with the use of internet and technology. Large leading universities are trying to get their courses online. With more innovative and proper solutions to this problem it will be helpful to people to get remote education with ease. Distance learning can be made more efficient with digital learning management systems.

Due to social distancing students and teachers can use the virtual classrooms. This can be more interactive to students which is beneficial for their personal growth.

Community Cooperation

In the time of crisis it is important to have communities to come together and solve problems. It may be the supply of proper health treatment or supply of food. The co-operation of the internal community with the government will enable providing local supply of food and equipment. Such kind of mobile application can be built which can bring the Suppliers and Recipients ends meet in the crisis.

Climate Change

Call For Code 2020

Water Sustainability

With increasing temperatures and unusual weather events, the distribution of rainfall, river flows, snowmelt and groundwater are affected. Shortage of water supply and good quality of clean water is a major problem. Using Data Analytics, IBM Cloud services and also latest technologies like AI, IoT and Blockchain can help to know about this shortage and solve challenges of water quality and quantity.

Call For Code 2020

Energy Sustainability

With increasing population, use of fossil fuel has increased and the damage to the environment in terms of air and water pollution has led to climate change. For clean and more efficient energy investing in wind and solar power is important. With the use of Internet of Things, AI and Blockchain, individuals & companies can use the data efficiently to increase their efficiencies and also reduce the expenses drastically.

Call For Code 2020

Disaster Resiliency

Many people lose their valuable lives in Natural Disasters. Many unusual weather events also impact huge financial losses to a particular region. Using technology can certainly provide necessary alarms before or during the natural disaster. Natural calamities like floods can be analyzed in its primitive stages and can help warn the villages/cities nearby before causing any destruction. Data and Artificial Intelligence plays a major role in identifying the threats in advance.

Application Process – 4 Simple steps to participate

  1. Apply to the Challenge

You can visit the Official Call for Code Campaign website. Get to know about this challenge in detail. You can see what all you can participate in and win. Create a Free IBM Cloud account.

  1. Use and Build with Open Technology

You can make use of the code patterns, starter Kits, tutorials and expert videos. There are many resources available.

  1. Build your Team

If you want to make a team, go ahead and find your squad. You can also meet the experts online, ask your queries and can get valuable ideas. Be a part of this revolutionary community.

  1. Submission of your Idea

Tell the organizers what you have built. You will have to explain in detail the use of your solution and how it can solve the problem. Submission with participation agreement is necessary. Participate not only to solve the problem but to have the goal of winning the mega prize of USD $200,000.

What are you waiting for? Join Now!

You will get immense knowledge and your skills will be increased and tested. There are abundant resources which will provide you tools for finding solutions at hand. There is nothing to lose in this Challenge, it is beneficial for you as a developer/innovator indeed. Feel free to join the Call for Code 2020 challenge and be a part of the revolution. Your idea can change many lives.

Join Now!
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