BDC HealthIT has integrated software package to help fight Corona Virus


The out break of corona virus in Delaware has begun from march 11 and has been increasing day by day rapidly. The government has been instructing public regarding the precautions to be taken to avoid the spread of the virus. But the fear of spread of virus has been increasing among the people.

BDC HealthIT has integrated software package to help fight Corona Virus

Hence BDC HealthIT firm, trade name for health innovation in Delaware, has come up with a new software to provide support to patients and other people to fight against corona. BDC HealthIT is a company that uses smart technology to provide cost effective and efficient services to its users.

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The software developed by this firm was an e-agent system that was capable of tracking and providing care for COVID-19 patients. This system was built upon LifePulse360 platform. This is a patent pending platform that majorly focuses on connecting patients with health, human and community services.

Services offered by e-agent software for COVID-19:

Through this e-agent system people can easily schedule appointments with coronavirus test centers, view details about the characteristics of corona virus and trusted information about this. It also allows the user to collaborate with care coordinator on specific existing conditions. It deals with all the direct and indirect concerns from medication for physical stability to mental health of the patient. It can also monitor the conditions of those being isolated.

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This also tracks the improvement or worsening of symptoms of the patients.this software ensures privacy through encrypted files for each individual. The health information of an individual will only be shared by authorization of patient. All the above mentioned work was done by community and health services that were connected to LifePulse360. They offer the necessary support through this software.

It just takes few hours to set up a country on this e-agent based system. The support staff of LifePulse360 helps the registered countries with the usage. It was designed for sale with all states and countries and has a directory that is searchable.

BDC HealthIT has integrated software package to help fight Corona Virus

About LifePulse360:

This system allows the registered health coordinators to respond immediately to the unexpected consequences experienced by the patients of COVID-19. It combines the efforts of local, state, federal health resource coordinators to handle the doubts of the people.

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