BasicFirst ‘Doubt Clearing App’ for students launched


COVID-19 pandemic has left us in a situation where we couldn’t even come out of our houses unless we have an essential cause. All the schools, universities, colleges, industries were shut down in order to prevent the spread of virus and protect people. This might lead to lot of economical damage to employees and academical damage to students.

BasicFirst ‘Doubt Clearing App’ for students launched

Work from home facilities for employees have covered up the damage caused to industries and IT companies to some extent. But education of students is severely affected due to lockdown. Due to the shutdown of educational institutions students are left with no option other than taking a break from studying.

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The students who are a lot curious may adopt self-studying strategy but what about the doubts arise while studying. To help such kind of students India has come up with an app named “BasicFirst Doubt Clearing App” developed by Randhir Kumar.

BasicFirst ‘Doubt Clearing App’ for students launched

This app’s main goal is to clear doubts of students from 6th grade to 12th grade. This app has a capability of clearing students doubts within a time period of less than 32 minutes. The teachers are available from morning 8PM to night 11PM.

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The doubts of students can be cleared through live chats, phone calls, video calls etc. Its India’s first app to clear doubts of students online. This app also has the capability to prepare students not just for board exams but also for competitive exams like IIT Main, JEE Advance, NEET, AIIMS, NTSE, Olympiads and more.

BasicFirst ‘Doubt Clearing App’ for students launched

This seems to be a lot more helpful to 11th and 12th grade students since cracking competitive exams is their main goal for entering a reputed institutions after their schooling.

The students can sign up and get free access to the services upto 14 days through free trial. Later the services are offered in a cost-effective manner. Doubts can be cleared through a payment of 0.75 paise to Rs.3 based on the level of difficulty of question. This app also offers a service named “refer and earn”.

Through this the users can refer the app to their friends, relatives and earn points which can be used for accessing some benefits. The users can also use the points earned to do some social help.

These points can be converted to money which can be donated to NGO’s and other help providers. These can be viewed on “donation activities” section in the app. Let us not let the current situation cause a disturbance for the path that we have paved to reach our dreams.


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Greeshma Shaik


  1. Hi,

    My son uses Byju’s App, we have a yearly pan subscribed. It is made more for the performance basis or as per need. I feel. I also feel it as it may give restriction for a student to solve questions as it asks for money.

    • Education must be free to all. Though I feel the professors/teachers need to be payed well also to cover the technology costs the app may charge a little which is fine I feel. Let us know your experience. 🙂


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