Apple Buys Novauris – Speech Recognition specialized company for Siri


Yes, the acquisitions will keep on continuing. The bigger companies will have an eye on smaller companies. This time it was a performance by Apple. They have acquired the Novauris Technologies company. This company was grown from the Dragon Systems R&D UK. The company is also known as the British Research Subsidiary.

Apple buys novauris

Apple buys Novauris

This company was founded in 2002 by Melvyn Hunt and John Bridle. Also currently Yoon Kim is the CEO of the company. These guys worked in the Nortel, SRI, Dragon. Recently Apple said that they buy smaller technology companies from time to time. Though they said that they don`t want to discuss their plans.

You will be surprised to know that this acquisition took place in last year itself. But there was no such official announcement. The Novauris Team is now working on Siri. (For people who don`t know about Siri) This Siri is a virtual assistant technology which comes in-built with Apple`s iPhones(Buy Apple iPhone 5S for $689).

You might have heard about this software called as Dragon Naturally Speaking(Buy for $50.87). This product was developed by Dragon Systems. And the co-founders of Novauris were the team members for developing such products. We know that Novauris has been developing their own large vocabulary and ASR(Automatic Speech Recognition Technologies).

The exact amount paid for the acquisition is not yet revealed. Well its evident that if any small company dominates a particular technology niche or sector, it is eventually going to be acquired by the big giants like Apple, Google, Facebook or Microsoft. We will keep you informed about such acquisitions only on Technary.

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