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Micromax Ninja A89 Review


Micromax is being the Indian company who has not started making their mark in the smartphones market. Do you know after the so called popular canvas series which phone is sold like a hot cake. The answer is none other than the Micromax Ninja A89 .


There are so many reasons that people prefer buying this phone. The most important reason is the low cost. Unlike the canvas series which are costing more than 10k, there are people who have lower budgets. Micromax has surely not forgot their customers having low budgets. There were times when Micromax was making decent money from these customers.

Using this money they used it for Research and Development to use the finer and most awesome smartphones which can now compete in the market. Now hey guys lets not forget about this smartphone and lets start to know what all it has.


MICROMAX-A89 front

It has 512 MB RAM which is very much welcomed for the price offered for this phone. The gigantic 4GB ROM will surely make it one of the most charming phones. The internal memory is some what decent of 2GB which is quite ok to have moderate amount of applications. The microSD card can be used of maximum 32 GB. So the performance of the phone is pretty decent.

With powerful dual core 1 GHz processor the smartphone is beneficial for the multi-tasking.

Operating System


It runs on the Android 4.0 OS. This is still one of the latest Android OS and is doing great. Many many applications can be run on this phone without any problems. This OS is very much easy to use and Android OS is now the best OS for any smartphone.

Now lets do one-liners which our readers will love to read:

  • 4 inch good display having resolution of 480 X 800 pixels
  • Camera is decent of 3 MP. No flash and no secondary camera
  • Battery backup is pretty ok of 1450mAh. If use of more than 7 hours do carry a charger.
  • Supports all types of Multimedia.
  • For gaming is not capable of Temple Run. But small motion sensor games will keep you happy.
  • It just has only one sensor which is the Gravity Sensor.
  • GPS loaded phone.
  • Last but not the least a dual sim phone.

Micromax A89 soecs


If you have a budget of 6.5k INR then this phone is best to buy without any second thoughts!

4 useful Mozilla Firefox Add-ons

There are many many add-ons available for your browser. Most of them are crap. But we are here to let you know which of them are exquisite and useful for you. The add-ons are specially created for specific purpose. Basically they are software utilities which help the user experience.

NoScript Security Suite

NoScript Security Suite

The security suite add-on is used for the Mozilla Firefox Browser. The Mozilla makes this add-on added to the browser and adds the security to the Internet Browsing to the user. It says that it’s the best security which it can provide to your browser. It allows the active content from the sites which the user trusts.

It protects against XSS and clickjacking attacks.

It only allows the Java, Javascript only from the trusted domains keeping you secure. It keeps you away from the cross side scripting attacks(XSS). Experts and even we say that Firefox is safer with Noscript.

Visit the page of the NoScript Add-on

Blocking of flash content on the Web is possible by:

Flashblock 1.5.17


Using this add-on for Firefox will block the flash content on the web. This blocks the Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave & Macromedia Authorware. You also got to take care before using this add-on. The reason is that it blocks flash and eventually most of the online games are on flash. So you will not be able to play any online games.

Add the add-on Flashblock Here

To block the advertisements

Adblock Plus 2.2.4


So if you do not like the annoying banners on websites then for Firefox users you can use the Adblock Plus Add-on. Not only it can hide the banner advertisements, but also it can make your browser safe from tracking of the many e-commerce portals. So enjoy an internet browsing experience without the advertisements.

Add the add-on Adblock Plus here.

Now lets have an add-on for faster browsing.

Fasterfox Lite 3.9.9Lite


For all the Firefox users you got to install this add-on for fast browsing. It has tweaked configuration which makes the web pages loaded faster and manages the caches of the page. It helps in to provide a passage between a web page and the user. Make the Firefox Browsing experience fast!

Add the Fasterfox Lite add-on here

 We hope that you use these add-ons effectively. As per the needs use these software utilities for you Firefox Browser. Lets make Internet Browsing Fun on Technary!

Costliest smartphone BlackBerry Q10


BlackBerry launched its flagship model Q10. The fact is that it’s the costliest smartphone in the Indian Market. So lets know what all new features this phone has as its price is 44990 INR.

blackberry Q10

Important Features of BlackBerry Q10

  • The BlackBerry Hub – Lets peek into the BlackBerry Hub which can be done from any App. This gesture can be done with just a Swipe. This can be done quite effortlessly in and the message conversations.
  • Camera includes the Time Shift Mode: Creates the shot perfect.
  • Has NFC Support: Exchanging of data is Easier now.
  • Dual profiles in BlackBerry Balance: Keeps information secure by creation of two profiles: 1st for work and 2nd for personal use
  • Screen Share in BBM Video: Now BBM Chat can be transformed into BBM Video Conversation.
  • Voice Alone: Schedule a meeting and also you can update Facebook
  • Active Frames: Checking your Meetings and doing everything right from the home screen. Which I guess every Android phone shows from the Notifications!
  • Small 3.1 inch Super AMOLED display having 330 ppi and 1.5 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • Grouping of all media in one place
  • Gigantic internal memory of 16 GB with 2 GB RAM
  • Editing of Spreadsheets and Documents can be done On the Go.
  • It has a 8 MP Primary Camera with Full HD (1080p) Recording Plus 2 MP Secondary Camera with HD (720p) Recording. Secondary camera is also powerful!
  • Fast Browsing: Fast loading of pages. Even Technary.com opens very fast from the web browser.

blackberry Q10 backside

This phone is having the above features. The best part is that BlackBerry for Android is been introduced so that BlackBerry users will be happy to use some features of Android. Unlike Nokia, BlackBerry understands the importance of Android OS in today`s world. Q10 cannot be compared to Apple`s Iphone 5.

This Q10 is flagship model of BlackBerry though they can improve in a lot of ways to get high sales. They should take some tips from the Micromax to create good phones in less cost. We hope that our visitors should not get into this trap of buying out the Q10 at such a high price.

iOS 7 launch: Application developers need to keep important things in mind.

iOS 7 has been showcased and these are the important things which the application developers have to look at.

Clarity. There is more clarity in the iOS 7. The text is legible on various sizes, icons are shown as it is, complete focus on functionality makes the design motivational.

Deference. The UI is very much user friendly. It helps to understand everything to the users. The interaction is good.

Depth. There are very much realistic motion in the design. It helps users to get delighted and give them the know how of the new OS.


Dynamic Type is very much stressed upon in the new Apple`s iOS7. It will surely make the user the dynamic.

For Application Developers:

There are two tips given by Apple to its application developers on its launch of the new OS. There are a lot of work the Apple`s application developers have to do. Not only they got to have a check on the UI of the application but also many other parameters. So the developers have to get accustomed to the new iOS 7. There are a lot of speculations that the developers are already happy with the iOS 6 and are comfortable.

But the question is that are these developers are confident and welcome the changes made to the OS. It seems that with the launch of new OS Apple is surely going to launch new products which are compatible with the iOS 7.


The application developer has to keep these constraints in mind while developing an application:

  • Bars and keyboards should be kept and accommodated to the screen. The transparent status bar. View controllers will help the developers for the full screen layout.
  • Developer should re-design custom bar button icons.
  • Create new borderless buttons
  • Use AutoApp layout for checking out the apps.
  • Control Center gesture should be used to navigate swipe to go back gesture, while performing the touch handling.
  • The use of gradients and drop shadows has to be re-checked.