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In today’s fast-paced digital world, efficiency and convenience are key factors for professionals working with laptops, desktops, and tablets. The Havit Bluetooth Number Pad is a portable and versatile device designed to enhance productivity and streamline numerical input tasks. With its multi-functionality, long battery life, and ergonomic design, this wireless numeric keypad is a must-have accessory for financial professionals, accountants, spreadsheet users, and anyone who frequently works with numbers.

Wireless Numeric Keypad

Multi-function 26-key Keypad

The Havit Bluetooth Number Pad features a 26-key layout with essential keys such as NumLock, ESC, and Delete. It goes a step further by including a convenient shortcut key that allows users to open the computer calculator directly. This saves time and eliminates the need for navigating through menus and applications. Furthermore, by using the Fn+composite key combination, the numeric keyboard can even generate three currency symbols ($, €, ¥), making it an excellent tool for individuals working with international currencies.

Long Battery Life

One standout feature of the Havit Bluetooth Number Pad is its impressive battery life. Equipped with a large capacity lithium battery, this numeric pad can be used continuously for 1-2 months after a full charge. Charging the device is hassle-free, thanks to the provided micro USB cable. Additionally, the number pad enters a sleep mode after being idle for an hour, conserving power. Users can simply press any key to wake it up, ensuring seamless functionality when needed.

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Bluetooth Connectivity and Rechargeability

The wireless functionality of the Havit Bluetooth Number Pad offers freedom of movement and eliminates the clutter of cables. Utilizing the latest stable Bluetooth 3.0 connection, the numeric keypad provides a plug-and-play experience with no delays or lag. Its working range extends up to 33 feet, allowing users to work comfortably from a distance. The inclusion of a rechargeable lithium battery ensures that users don’t have to worry about constantly replacing batteries, reducing environmental waste and saving money in the long run.

Comfortable and Quiet Typing Experience

Havit understands the importance of a comfortable typing experience, especially for professionals who spend long hours working with numeric inputs. The Bluetooth Number Pad features advanced quiet SCISSOR-SWITCH KEYS that provide a satisfying and smooth typing experience. With quick response and good tactile rebound, users can enjoy a quiet working environment, enhancing overall work efficiency. The 15° tilt design of the keypad also aligns with ergonomic principles, ensuring a comfortable typing angle that conforms to the user’s natural hand position.

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Widely Compatible and User-friendly

The Havit Bluetooth Number Pad is highly compatible with various devices. Whether you’re using a PC, laptop, desktop computer, or a Surface Pro, this numeric keypad is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10, and 11 systems. However, it’s important to note that certain keys, such as “calculating,” “numlock,” “=”, “(“, “)”, and the currency symbols ($, €, ¥), are not functional on Mac operating systems. Nevertheless, all other keys and number inputs work flawlessly on Mac devices.

Tips for Optimal Usage

To ensure optimal performance and charging safety, the Havit Bluetooth Number Pad should be charged with a computer USB port, as it operates on a 5V charging voltage. It is advised against using other chargers or non-computer USB ports for charging purposes.


In conclusion, the Havit Bluetooth Number Pad is a feature-rich wireless numeric keypad that offers convenience, portability, and enhanced productivity. With its multi-functionality, long battery life, ergonomic design, and compatibility with various devices, this numeric pad is an indispensable tool for professionals in finance, accounting, and spreadsheet-intensive work. Say goodbye to the limitations of built-in laptop keyboards and experience a new level of efficiency with the Havit Bluetooth Number Pad.

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