WhatsApp Message Quote and Reply New Feature


WhatsApp has introduced a very interesting feature in their application. This feature is the Message Quote and Reply. So the user can easily now quote a particular message and reply specifically to it. Let us find that out in detail.

WhatsApp Message Quote and Reply New Feature

WhatsApp Message Quote and Reply

So how does this thing work? Well to start with, any individual conversation or group conversation you can select any message. This message can be a text message or media message, there when you select you see a “Reply” option at the top of the screen.

This option when selected the user will see the quoted message in the preview on top of the text entry of the box where the user is able to add their reply.

The user also has option to cancel it by clicking on “x” symbol to remove the quote. The user can send the reply to an individual user or in a group. There is a color coded scheme.

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So in a group conversation when a message is quoted there is automatically allotment of color given to every participant of the group. This is amazing as we get to know easily whether the same person is quoting it. The quoted message though appears in light grey color and there is a color line on left hand side of the message.

Interesting part is that you can quote anyone in the chat also including your own messages including media messages. So you can refer to an earlier message in case of any reference.

How to test and try out this feature?

Well this feature is available for WhatsApp 2.16.118 Beta users only. Though don`t get surprised if you see it in earlier versions of whatsapp where they are trying the server side switch flipping.

The user can get their hands on this feature right away by downloading the APK mirror of this app or join the Play Store beta to avail this version of WhatApp which is still in beta(testing) phase.

Let us know your experience of this feature in the comments below.

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