Stuffcool Bac Review – Budget friendly Wired earphones


There is a huge advantage of using wired earphones in 2019. The best fact is that there is no need to charge them. Stuffcool Bac earphones can be your choice for the same. You must be looking for earphones which are in your budget less than INR 1000.

Apart from the price the main concern of the buyers is the quality of the earphones. You must be looking for durable and good quality earphones. We have used these earphones for a good amount of time.

Stuffcool Bac Review - Budget friendly Wired earphones

You can use earphones for travel, workout, home, etc. Enjoying music on earphones is bliss. You can connect it to your smartphone, laptop, etc. The device can be used to enjoy music or videos from the source, and yes, no need to charge which makes it demand-able in the market for sure. Let us have a look at our observation

Stuffcool Bac Review - Budget friendly Wired earphones

Stuffcool Bac Review


Well when you look at the device you certainly feel the premium look of the device. There is metal housing, there are labels for the L and R. The device does look premium for sure. There is another main feature. It has a long nylon braided cable.

This makes it more durable and the device is more and more easier to carry with you. It becomes tangle free while carrying with you. You can make sure that while keeping the device in your pocket you can easily use it that too tangle-free.

Stuffcool Bac Review - Budget friendly Wired earphones

Another part of the design which we liked the most is the slider volume control. When you buy a device the volume is kept to minimum. Once you slide it to maximum then you can get to the potential of this device. This sliding volume control does make you feel good to use for sure.

This does give it a premium feel for sure. The overall design is certainly thought provoking. The device can be your companion in the most enticing days of your life.

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Now its time to test the performance of the device. So we now know that the design is very user friendly. Its time to actually use the device and enjoy the music. We plugged the device into our smartphone and did enjoyed a lot of variety of music.

The first feel or experience when you mount the earphones in your ears, you get to know that these are noise-free. So you are like in nirvana state and there is very nil external noise. So its like giving you a different space.

Stuffcool Bac Review - Budget friendly Wired earphones

So you can certainly use it in less volume too. This device is useful for the long journeys as your musical companion too. We also tested it on connecting to my Mac.

After listening to countless songs I did feel that the device manufacturers have made justice with the balance of treble and bass. So the bass is amazing for songs, though not too much. But yes it will certainly make you dance on your favourite music tracks. The device is mainly helpful for enjoying all kinds of music.

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Overall good music quality. There is a Mic in the opposite of the Volume Slider. There is a multi-function button provided. This helps in for many functions. Main function is you can short press to Play/Pause or Answer/Mute call.

Stuffcool Bac Review - Budget friendly Wired earphones

When you do Long Press you can activate Google Assistant on your android phone or Siri on Apple device or you can drop calls when you get a call. When listening to music you can Double tap to go to the next song.

When you triple tap you can go to the previous song. Overall easy to use and the performance is satisfactory indeed. You can certainly buy these earphones if you have this budget for sure.

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Final Verdict

The Stuffcool Bac earphones are certainly value for money as these earphones provide quality design and satisfactory performance. So you can not only enjoy music but have hands-free calling. Slider Volume control is a bliss. The wired earphones will be your goto device to listening to music and attending the calls for sure.

Price: INR 999 INR 890

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