STK 3 in 1 Soap Power Bank Review – 4000mAh capacity


Now a days we use smartphones extensively throughout the day. Now mobiles phones are not only for calling and sending messages(SMS) which has decreased due to WhatsApp. So we are connected with our dear ones, on social networking sites and instant messaging apps. Also we check our mail and do work on it. With so much use of phone, you must be carrying a charger with you. No need for doing that!

STK 3 in 1 Soap Power Bank Review

So do you travel a lot and are looking for a portable power bank? If yes then you are reading the right article indeed. We got a chance to review the STK 3 in 1 Soap Power Bank. We used it for few days and have done complete analysis on this device. So let us start talking about this portable device.

STK 3 in 1 Soap Power Bank Review

STK 3 in 1 Soap Power Bank Features


When we have a first look at this device it does look like a soap. So the name is perfect for the device. I was really amazed with the design of the portable power bank. The device is small and is portable. It can be easily carried in your pocket. The dimensions of the device are 26 x 90 x 58 mm. The device is having weight of 103.5 g. It is light in weight unlike other power banks.

STK 3 in 1 Soap Power Bank Review

On the front there is a Rubber Flap, which can be opened. Inside you can see a lot of things. The most important is the Percentage indicator of the battery. There are 5 LED indicators which showcase the level of the battery. There are 3 cables on the left. These are the lightning, Apple 30 pin and the microUSB. On the right there is a USB cable which can be used to charge the power bank. The main task of the power bank is to be able to give charging to 3 devices at a time.

STK 3 in 1 Soap Power Bank Review

There is an ON/OFF switch in the bottom. There is a switch for swapping the charging from 0.5A to 1A and vice versa for fast charging. Let us now check the performance of the power bank.

STK 3 in 1 Soap Power Bank Review


The battery capacity of the device is 4000mAh. This is really amazing and for most of the smartphones(Android) it has like 1.5 times of the capacity. When we connected it to an iPhone 6 Plus the charging was good. But when we switched on from 0.5A to 1A the charging became fast and phone started getting charged quickly.

STK 3 in 1 Soap Power Bank Review
iPhone 6 Plus charging

Then we connected it to an Android smartphone. Now what happens here is that even if we are on fast power charging mode then also the 1A is split into both the smartphones. So at a time both smartphones were charging with ease. You can even connect an older version of iPhone to the charger and can charge 3 devices at a time.

STK 3 in 1 Soap Power Bank Review

Though the charging of the portable charger through USB does take a bit amount of time. Still it is worth as you can carry it anywhere. So if you only charge an iPhone using the charger you can charge it several times when the power bank is fully charged. This is an important feature in the device.

STK 3 in 1 Soap Power Bank Review
Android Phone charging

Final Verdict

This is a light weight nice portable charger. Ideal if you have old and a new iPhone. Ability to connect 3 devices at a time is a bonus. Fast charging mode is a plus point too. It is priced for only Rs.3,299.

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