Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker Review


There is a decent amount of market share which do not like any headphone or ear phone as it might damage their ears after a prolong use with high volume. People like options. They like to have a speaker where in all can enjoy the music. The days are gone where we used to have a 5-in-1 cassette or disc player which needed an electrical connection.

Portronics Sublime Bluetooth SpeakerNow a days we love portability. Right from the smartphones to laptops. We need everything portable. So Portronics have introduced a Portable Bluetooth speaker. We got a chance to use it for around 10 days and we have done a thorough review of the device. The customer target audience is from kids to the grand parents. So let us start with the features of this device.

Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker

Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker Features


Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker

First thing which we noticed is the weight of the device. It is a bit heavy. It weighs 651g. Actually to be speaking the more heavy the speaker the more stable it is. We were expecting a good performance from the speaker. So no complaints about the weight at all. I think that they have done a lot of things inside it which a user cannot see, but can be felt for sure.

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Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker

The dimensions of the speaker are 192x74x58.5mm. From these dimensions you can get to know that it is a rectangular cuboid. The Black color on to any speaker makes it look elegant. Sublime can be easily handed by one hand. On the front side of the speaker, you can see 4 digits digital display. It will denote the FM frequency.

Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker

At the right bottom side of the front face Portronics branding is done. You can see a layer of rubber coating rapped on the speaker on top, sides and bottom of the speaker. On the top side there are 6 buttons. These are Volume low, Mode, Volume high, Previous, Pause/Play/Power ON/OFF and the Next button.

Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker

All these buttons give a premium feeling as they seem to pop out of the surface. So the emboss effect given to buttons is good. At the back side of the speaker there is a slot for the 3.5mm AUX cable. Also there are slots for microSD card, microUSB and a 3.7V 2000mAh removable battery. This battery is of double the size of normal dry cells.

Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker

At the right side of the microUSB port there is an LED indicator which gets lid up when the microUSB cable is connected to it. With the box there are two cables provided with the speaker. The microUSB Cable and the AUX cable. The AUX cable is very short. So you will have to keep the device(MP3 player or smartphone) near to the device.


Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker

We checked all the modes for a prolong period time. We will talk about all the modes in the user experience. Here we will talk about the actual performance of the device. The speaker has bass at the bottom. The speaker has 20 volume levels. We checked each and every level. In average speakers they perform badly in higher volume levels. But this speaker played the music in high volumes without a hitch. The Bass is superb. You feel the room to be lively when the speaker is ON at full volume.

Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker

Even at this stage the speaker is stable it does not make any vibrations. You can only feel it when you touch it. The weight makes the speaker stable and makes it enjoyable. Clear sound and no disturbance at all, music lovers can enjoy the pure sound of their favourite artists.

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User Experience

Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker

You can charge the device with the microUSB cable. I tried using my Samsung`s mircoUSB cable. But it did`nt worked as the pin was small. It supports the microUSB cable given with the speaker only. There are various modes in the speaker. You can switch on the device by pressing long the Play/Pause/Power ON/OFF button.

It by default starts in Hdd mode. This means that if you have connected any microSD card to the speaker it will play the songs from it. Next is the very own FM mode. To switch channels you just have to hit the Forward or Reverse button. It automatically scans and finds Radio station frequency. Next is the Bluetooth mode.

Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker

You can connect your smartphone or any other Bluetooth device with the speaker. Make your smartphone discoverable. It automatically searches for your smartphone and pairs with it. The device which gets paired now has the command. From the MP3 player of your smartphone you can play your favourite songs with ease. So you can keep the speaker on the table sit a bit far on your sofa, relax and enjoy the music.

Portronics Sublime Bluetooth Speaker

Another mode is the Line mode. Where you can connect the speaker to any media device having 3.5 mm jack. This connection can be done with the AUX cable. You can connect your MP3 player to the speaker using the AUX cable and play the songs. The last mode is the PC USB mode. So you can play the music from your laptop or PC connecting the speaker via the microUSB cable.

This is the best mode as you can charge the speaker as well as play songs directly from your computer. While switching the modes the speaker talks about which mode you have switched into also it is shown on the LED display.


This speaker is ideal for picnics. If you are on a tour with your family and friends you can enjoy the music with the speaker in your car or in remote locations. We liked the device but is it worth the price? It depends on the buyer. It is priced at Rs.3,599.

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  1. Hi Nikhil,
    Thanks for the indepth review.. really it was helpful. Do you have any idea about their ver.2
    Portronics Sublime 2 Mobile Speaker.

    • Hello Binoy,
      Thank you for taking time and adding your valuable comment. We had covered a news about it. But we have not yet reviewed the latest version of it. We will ask Portronics to send us the product as soon as possible so that we can review it and you can make your buying decision. Keep visiting Technary.

  2. hai frnd i am not getting the pc mode in my portronics sublime,while i am pressing the mode button its not changing to pc mode,so can you please guide me to get that mode.

  3. Which one is better for my regular use sublime 2 or pure sound pro bt 2 ?
    Only sound clearity is important…nothing else…..and other best speaker under 3000??
    I m thinking about portronic pro bt 2 plz give suggetion


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