Portronics Pure Sound Portable Sound System Overview


For most of us we cannot live without music. It feels like music is an internal part of life. For some people it is like meditation and there is music available for every mood. So why not use a gadget to enjoy this music. We know that prolong use of headphones is always not advisable, so let us talk about the Portronics Pure Sound Portable Sound System.

We thought of covering this sound system as we can see many features in it. So we thought of sharing the details and our observation about this device. The main task of this device is to emit music. But what are the other features, well so let us have a look on them.

Portronics Pure Sound Portable Sound System Overview

Portronics Pure Sound Portable Sound System Features


You can see this black color device. Is it compact? Well yes, you can easily fit it into your palms of your hand. This device is having a weight of 195g. A bit more than that of a standard smartphone. Well we can see the design to be normal, but there are shining black buttons on the right hand side. So there we can see the Portronics branding and also the various buttons. These are Play/Pause, Forward, Backward, Volume up and volume down.

Portronics Pure Sound Portable Sound System Overview

Seems pretty easy to understand? Well I guess they are created for the simplicity to be used by any age group. As I said that this device can be holded in your hand. The device is also having dimensions of 202 x 59 x 30mm.

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Sound Quality

As per the company the device is made in an optimized enclosure. Also this device emits loud sound because of its efficient full range drivers. Though we have not yet received the device for reviewing. As soon as we get it we will update our opinion on it. It provides and output of 2W, the impedance is 4 Ω and the voltage is DC 5V.

Portronics Pure Sound Portable Sound System Overview

Connectivity Options

There are various connectivity options for connecting this device. You can use a USB drive directly to this device. Also there is an option for AUX cable which can be easily connected to your smartphone, laptop, MP3 players, etc. There is a microSD card to which can be supported upto 32GB in this gadget. You can connect it to your laptop with ease.

Portronics Pure Sound Portable Sound System Overview

There is also in-built FM if you don`t have any other device to connect to. There is also a FM/Music/Off switch for the device. This gadget is having a built-in antenna and is useful to have antenna free portability.


It is having a rechargeable lithium ion battery. This is none other than the famous BL 5C which was used in the old nokia handsets. This is a 1000mAh removable battery and as per the company it is able to provide playback of upto 8 hours. You can easily charge the device with a USB cable.

Portronics Pure Sound Portable Sound System Overview

In Box Accessories

With the device itself a lithium BL 5C battery, AUX cable and a USB cable is provided.


Well the Cassette players, CD player have now been transformed into a portable sound system. Though you can enjoy the pleasure of music, anytime and anywhere with this device priced at only INR 1400.

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