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Does your smartphone`s battery gets drained at important times? There are many smartphones available in the market having a battery backup delivering for only a single day or less than that. But for power mobile users battery of the smartphone is very crucial and there is a solution for it. This is not about a battery saving app. It is all about a power bank.

Portronics Power Slice

We have a solution for this problem. Portronics have created aPower bank named as Portronics Power Slice. It is a portable battery. We got a chance to review this portable battery. Let us start will the design of this device.

Portronics Power Slice

Portronics Power Slice


Portronics Power Slice

People like attractive devices. This Portable battery looks similar to a lightweight smartphone without a screen or display. This was my observation in the fist look. It resembled to a Micromax smartphone. The thickness of the device is just 11mm. This is very good. The overall dimensions of the device is 123x69x11mm.

Portronics Power Slice

There is a Logo of Portronics on the front of the device located at the bottom. There are 4 blue LED lights. These are important to showcase the Battery level of the device. On one side there are input and output ports. The input port is the microUSB and the Output is a standard USB port. The overall build quality of the device is good. So even if it slips down, there are less chances of getting it damaged. (We did`nt performed any drop test :-P)


Portronics Power Slice

The device is having a battery capacity of 4000mAh. The capacity on paper looks promising? But does it deliver as expected? For checking the performance we first charged the battery to 100%. Well you can only judge when all the four LED lights are glowing and stable .Through this I got to know that the device is fully charged.

Portronics Power Slice

I charged a smartphone of 1300 mAh which was having low battery of 5%. So I charged the smartphone using the powerbank. The usage of smartphone is very high. So again after draining the battery of the smartphone I charged it using the Powerbank. I did it for three times. The charging of the smartphone through USB is always slow.

Portronics Power Slice

But while charging the Portronics Slice it takes a lot of time, if you are charging it by connecting it to a laptop or a PC. But I also once charge it using a USB AC Adapter. The Slice was charged in just 1 and half hour. Otherwise through USB it would take around 3.5 to 4 hours for complete charge.

I must say that the powerbank delivers at times when needed. So it is a positive thing for a buyer.

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User Experience

Well even for newbies there was no need of reading the manual. But we do read it for sure. There is a IN and an OUT port in the device. You have to connect the USB cable`s right end at the right port at the right time. For example for charging the power bank you have to connect the USB to the laptop/computer/USB AC adapter. The other microUSB end of the cable should be connected to the device`s IN port.

The device starts charging automatically and you can see the synchronous lighting of the LED lights. For discharging of the power bank, use the USB in OUT port and the microUSB can be connected to your smartphone. So a simple and easy to use lightweight device.


All eyes are now on the price of this device. It has a MRP of Rs.1,499. But it is available for Rs.900 at e-commerce portals. So a portable power bank at just 900 bucks with a year of warranty is a very good deal. What are you waiting for? Grab a Portronics Power Slice for you or gift it to your dear ones in the coming festive season.

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