Portronics Muffs Stereo Bluetooth headset launched for Rs.1, 999


Advancing ahead with its surge to make the customers satisfied and providing creative solutions for a better controlled lifestyle, Protonics very proudly brings forward its absolutely revolutionary Muffs stereo Bluetooth headset. The headset will connect you to your favorite music wirelessly with on-ear Bluetooth Headphones which are called Muffs.

Portronics Muffs Stereo Bluetooth headset

Portronics Muffs Stereo Bluetooth headset

The ultra-modern Bluetooth wireless efficiency of the on-ear Bluetooth Headphones supports lossless audio quality anywhere you go, with an easily foldable headband for utmost portability. The speaker quality of Portronics is renowned and it also offers an easily foldable design and comfortable ear cups, which help you envelop yourself in sound. It also has an in-built rechargeable battery that aids extended listening, the ear cup mounted controls and in-built mic help you keep a complete control over the music you play and the phone calls you take.

The Muffs, that is, on-ear Bluetooth Headphones cover a large frequency range and deliver a powerfully realistic sound with a 40 mm driver. It is an absolute luxury to put on with the premium leather foam cups for long hours of listening bliss and a highly passive noise-isolation.

Portronics Muffs Stereo Bluetooth headset

The foam cups generate an acoustic seal that obstructs outside noises and boosts bass. Each twirling ear cup also folds flat for compact storage and also makes it easy to carry along while traveling. You can stream your music without wires for max 12 hours of talking without a stop and listening time from your attached Bluetooth wireless device (such as iPhone, other mobile phones & Mp3 players).

The in-built rechargeable battery helps you charge your headset via the included micro USB charging cable. Your range can be up to 33 feet (10 meters) and you can still be connected to your music and calls. You can easily switch between phone calls and music with the simple touch of a button. You can manage volume, play and pause, next& track back directly from the headphone buttons right from the buttons on the headphone. The guarded and invisible microphone helps hands-free conversations and clear phone calls.

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These headphones are easy to carry along, are easily foldable and deliver a powerfully realistic sound. Also, they are comfortable to wear and you can stream your music wirelessly and you can also easily recharge these headphones. You can access all your calls and music up to a certain height, that is, 33 feet.

Switching between phone calls and music is easy with just a simple touch. You can manage features directly from headphone buttons. You can completely control the music and phone calls. This pleasurable listening experience is being offered to you at just Rs.1, 999. Go ahead and buys these headphones and enjoy music non-stop.

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