Nokia 3310 Luxury Putin-Trump Edition launched


Nokia devices are very much popular till date for their superior battery and also for their rugged body. The company has launched a Luxury edition from the Putin-Trump Summit. Let us have a look at the features of this device and also its price.

Nokia 3310 Luxury Putin-Trump Edition launched

Nokia 3310 Luxury Putin-Trump Edition Features

The device has almost all the same features internally as that of the Nokia 3310 device. This device is a revamped Nokia 3310 which is created in honor of the meeting between the Russia and US presidents.

When you look at the design of the device, we can see that this device has luxurious leather casing and has stripes of Black Velvet. The phone has a lot of other exterior features, like the gold plated emblem of Donal Trump and Vladmir Putin.

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Device is created by Tempered Titanium of VT-23 grade and has the damask steel pattern. Also by looking at the gold plated emblem we can see that both the leaders are looking at the same direction. This is like that both these countries will be looking towards progress as world leaders as per Caviar.

The price of this Nokia 3310 Luxury Edition is $2468.

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