Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 Review


This time we are fulfilling a request of our fan. As per the request we reviewed a very basic mouse for the intention of basic requirements. So a very low budget mouse which will do all the tasks a mouse should do. Let us see the features including the design and the performance of this mouse.

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 Features


Looks wise it is not that cool. But yes, it will fit in below your palms perfectly. I think that the aesthetic appearance of the mouse could have been improved. Anyways still the mouse is available in other colors which will make you buy it. Also the weight of the mouse is 5.4 ounce. To be precise it is 153.09 grams. So its weight is normal. Gaming is also fun, but for professional gamers, not recommended. The product is 5.5 x 4.9 x2.4 inches in dimensions.

User Interface

It is a wireless mouse, so it is very useful to operate your computer/laptop from a long distance in your living room without any hassles. It is comfortable and easy for portability. The design is constructed in such a way that both right and left handed people will enjoy using it. This mouse does need an AA battery for operation as it is a wireless mouse. The battery lasts for a long time. The scroll wheel will help the user for easy navigation.

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850


The mouse is very easy to use. The performance for me is that it just does the work. As I said earlier not good for gaming but a good one for any professional. Even for AutoCAD users it will be beneficial. It has a built-in mini transceiver.


It is an ideal device for all the professionals. So both Right and Left handed users will be able to comfortably use it. The wheel is also quite awesome, so scrolling is smooth while navigating the web pages. I liked the device from a good brand at a surprisingly awesome price. It is only available for $14.95

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