Kingston HyperX Fury White RAM Review


There is a need of a very good RAM for every PC. This can be fulfilled by a high performance RAM. So we had reviewed HyperX beast which is from a family of Kingston. So is this fury that much effective. We have done a small research about this device. We are sharing our opinions on this device. We have not tested the RAM though. Let us start with the design of the device.

Kingston HyperX Fury White RAM

Kingston HyperX Fury White RAM Features


Kingston HyperX Fury White RAM

The HyperX Fury white looks different. The design is mainly made keeping the cooling aspect of the device. These days even the RAMs are neatly designed and given a classy look. After seeing the design of the RAM I remember the looks of a White colored BMW. So white color does look rich. But is in due course of time the RAM will be full of dust if the CPU is not cleaned from time to time.

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Kingston HyperX Fury White RAM

The Fury`s design is unique of its kind. We think that Kingston has thought a lot of things about the design. For cooling there are 7 small windows for the proper airflow. The HyperX fury design is unique & we liked it. But to be honest when you use the RAM and fit in the CPU then you never see it often. But the design is cooling friendly. The device has dimensions of 133.35 x 32.8 mm.


Kingston HyperX Fury White RAM

The device is tested by the company with all popular brands of motherboards. There is a plug and play functionality in this device. The automatic overclocking does reach faster speeds and high capacities. A single RAM is of 8GB and it is also available in kits. The frequency speed is 1333 MHz, 1600 MHz, 1866 MHz.

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Kingston HyperX Fury White RAM

Multi tasking is going to be easy when you install this RAM. The device is compatible with many AMD and intel chipsets.


If you are looking for a good performing RAM then this RAM is going to serve your purpose. Till then stay tuned on Technary.

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