Gate drive Optocouplers launched from Element14


The electronic design company has launched highly integrated gate drive optocouplers for wireless and industrial applications. These optically isolated devices are optimized for the driving high power MOSFET or IGBT. The fast gate switching speed and minimal propagation delay with high CMR reinforced insulation. The complete cost-effective gate drive solution from the motor control and power inverter applications are there.

Gate drive Optocouplers

Gate drive Optocouplers

The MCU needs to be isolated and protected from the high voltages. The Avago APCL-226J and APCL-337J features a 2.5A and 4A rail-to-rail output with high current. The integrated LED driver, active Miller clamp, high DESAT blanking current source are the highlights of this gadget. The Under Voltage Lock-out(ULVO) feedback control circuit. There are improvements in overall power efficiency and reliability provided to the device.

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