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Garmin Forerunner 610 watch review

Garmin Forerunner 610 watch review

It looks like a normal watch but it has a Pandora of usefulness. So are you looking for a trendy watch which will be very useful for you? If yes then this watch offers more than showing correct time. It has many features. So let us start knowing about them.

Garmin Forerunner 610

Garmin Forerunner 610 GPS watch features


Yes it has a built-in GPS. So this GPS works accurately and stores a lot of useful data. The watch is capable of storing a huge amount of data. The Garmin Forerunner 610 looks like a regular watch. It does look similar to the old fashioned G-shock. The watch is 1.42 cm thick. The metal rear case makes it very comfortable to wear. The 4.6cm wide face of the watch is standard and the LCD has a diameter of 2.5 cm. It is very easy to read the time. The smaller text is difficult to read unless you get the watch closer.

The watch has 3 physical buttons. These include a power/backlight button, start/stop and lap buttons. This is like a stopwatch functionality added into the watch. The touchscreen of the watch is resistive type. So a gentle touch will not help. A soft tap will not workout well. So the user will have to use it with a bit force.

User Interface

There are 4 main screens which are easy to navigate. The man one is while doing an exercise. The normal one of time/date. The other two contain a heart rate read-out screen and a screen with GPS information. The other one is with a page of customizable workout stats. The watch is for fitness freaks plus the ones who love GPS tracking. So a very good combination, I must say.

It is a bit difficult to access the tiny icons, so for that you should use your tiny fingers and not the thumb. I hope that they take some learning from other smartwatches who have large icons which are easy to access. The GPS tracker helps to track your running or cycling performance or speed.

Garmin Forerunner 610


From the tests it is evidable the that the watch is exciting to use with in the outdoors if you want to make maximum use of the GPS. So if you are in the outdoor the watch easy gets locked with the satellite and tracks your moves. But if you are inside then it is very difficult to do so. So for that go out an run and use this watch. It works fine without any problems. So I believe that this is a fitness tracker+movement tracker+Time depicter gadget.

So just hit the start button and start doing your exercise. And let this gadget do all the work of collecting the data. Just before the interval or during the interval you can hit the lap button. Then atlast the stop button when you want to end your exercise. The gadget can save upto 180 hours of data which is huge. Also you can move the data to your laptop/computer.

The heart rate monitor extracts a huge wealth of data. So very useful for all. There is an app called as Garmin Training Centre which helps you to do some custom workouts. You can also sync it with Google Earth and show off your route via GPS to others.


The battery of the watch if once charged will make a long 8 hours battery life, if you use all the features extensively. If you do not use the GPS tracker then you can use the once charged battery for a month with daily 1 hour of exercise. So it has a very good battery backup. I liked it! Also who don`t want a rechargeable battery for their watch.


This watch is essential for fitness freaks and for casual workouts. Also the GPS tracker is a state of the art. Apart from it not being waterproof and the touchscreen not that responsive, the watch performs well. The user interface is also friendly. We liked it! Buy it now for $280.99

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